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Metaphysical Properties of Shungite

The metaphysical properties of shungite can be helpful in healing, cleansing, and purification of the mind and body. This stone was discovered from a remote place in Russia. The carbon content of the stone is known for its extraction properties. The stone is very popular for its excellent healing properties. People needing healing support in life can rely on shungite to get rid of all the negativities. The metaphysical properties of shungite can be very beneficial in one’s life when harvested carefully. Read more about the shungite and its mystique healing properties. 

Shungite Stone: An Overview

Before we discuss the metaphysical properties of shungite stone in detail, let’s develop more about the stone. The stone has an astonishing black color and it constitutes about 99% carbon. The nomenclature of this stone is credited to a Russian village Shunga. The stone has an extraordinary composition made of fullerene, a molecule made of 60 carbon atoms. The structure of these molecules is hollow. It is the reason that the stone has a different name buckyballs. Besides, shungite contains almost all the minerals listed on the periodic table. 

Origin of The Shungite Stone

To develop more on the metaphysical properties of shungite, it is important to learn more about its origin. If you develop deeper, you will know that the origin of the stone is a little mysterious. The carbon materials form due to the decay of the organic substances, such as forests. However, the origin of the shungite dates back to 2 billion years, which is when organic life did not even start to exist on the earth. There are several theories you may get to read related to the origin of the shungite. Check the list below: 

  • Some believe that shungite formed as a result of the collision of a large meteorite from the earth’s surface millions of years ago.
  • One theory says that formation of the stone occurs due to microorganisms in the water sources near the place of its origin. 
  • The change in the composition of the organic matter in sedimentary rock over time is also credited for the formation of shungite stones. 
  • Scientists are not able to give an evident theory behind the stone’s origin. However, they highly acknowledge the metaphysical properties of shungite and its healing properties. 

Amazing Healing Benefits Of Shungite Stone

Now that we have understood a lot about the properties and origin of the stone, let’s develop deeper to learn its incredible benefits

1: Antibacterial & Antiviral Effects

The first one in the list of the antiviral and antibacterial effects of the shungite stone. The constituent molecules in the shungite contain carbon nanostructure. CSN has germicide properties and can kill harmful germs. They are able to destroy the cell walls of these pathogens. Besides, when they interact with these detrimental microorganisms, the bacteria and viruses lose electrons and vanish. 

However, its effectiveness on the viral of bacterial infections is still ambiguous. We need to develop further in order to understand the impact of fullerenes in shungite on harmful pathogens. 

2: Aids In Water Purification

The metaphysical properties of shungite stone are also known for their ability to water purification. Its claimed ability to kill pathogens helps it to clean the water from detrimental germs. Contaminated water is an intimidating issue in many rural and urban areas. To drink hygienic water and keep the potable clean, this amazing stone is beneficial. Also, the detrimental radioactive substances in water can be lethal for many types of lives. The application of the stone can be helpful in the elimination of such materials.  

3: Helps Reducing Oxidative Stress 

Shungite stone has powerful antioxidant properties. Oxidative damage occurs due to the highly reactive oxygen molecules that can form a chain of free radical damage on the skin. There was a study carried out on the mouse, and the result demonstrated that their skin got severely damaged due to the harmful radiation. However, when a shungite solution was applied to the damaged skin of the mouse, the results were awe-inspiring. It evoked the activities of the antioxidant enzymes and healed the oxidative damage. 

The study results were effective on the mice. However, to confirm the effectiveness of shungite on human wound healing needs more research. 

4: Reduces inflammation

The metaphysical properties of shungite show positive effects on the reduction of inflammation. The inflammation reduction test shows positive results. These animal studies showed promising results in the reduction of inflammation in the animals. It reduces the levels of inflammation producers in the animals. The results evokes hope to the healthcare professionals that this healing stone can have effective application in the treatment of mild to severe inflammatory ailments. 

5: Relieves Physical Ailments

Shungite is powerful in treating a number of physical ailments. The list of these issues is really long. Traditionally, it is effective in the treatment of these physical issues, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, more research is can give solid proof that the shungite infused water is helpful in the treatment of these illnesses.

6: Eases Chronic Stress 

There are anecdotal reports to show that the metaphysical properties of shungite are helpful in the reduction of stress levels. Additionally, the electromagnetic energy of the stone is able to absorb all the negative energies and furnishes the positive emotions. 

7: Create An Armor Against The Electromagnetic Field Emission

The stone can produce a shield against electromagnetic field emission. Research in 2003 suggests that shungite stone is able to protect the rats against emf emissions. This study involves only animals and becomes too old to rely upon. However, researchers are investing their time and efforts in the same direction to get positive results from this alleged advantage of the shungite stone.

Final Words

Shungite is famous for its amazing metaphysical properties due to its unique composition of carbon atoms. Harvesting its benefits to the fullest, the stone must be worn in the recommended auspicious manner. You can carry it in your bag, infuse it in water, or wear it as jewelry. There are several ways to reap the positivity of the stone. If you like this post, then our blog section can offer you more amazing posts. Keep reading!