Five things to do in Austin


    The United States has large cities that have become tourist attractions. This makes hundreds of thousands of people visit different places in that country.

    Austin is one of those cities, and it offers different activities. Social, musical, cultural, and gastronomic issues are the highlights of this site.

    And if it’s about gastronomy, being able to take the Secret Food Tour in Austin is one of the significant decisions you can make during your stay in this place. Here we will tell you everything you will discover in the city and on this excursion.

    Austin, a significant city

    This site is emblematic on the map of the United States because Austin is the capital of the state of Texas, one of the most important in the country, and it is also the capital of the state of Travis.

    Geographically located in the Southwest of the United States, with a population of more than one million inhabitants in its urban center and around 2 million in the metropolitan area, Austin became an icon of the country.

    As if everything described above were not enough, we must add that it is the 11th city with the most inhabitants in the entire United States and one of the areas with the greatest population growth in recent decades.

    Added to all this is that it is considered a center of technological production and a strategic point from a productive, educational, and commercial point of view. All these items demonstrate its great importance in the region.

    What to do in Austin?

    This renowned city has absolutely everything. You can visit theaters and museums, in addition to the recitals and concerts that are constantly offered. Meanwhile, urban art is also always present.

    If you are a sports fan, thanks to Austin FC, you can watch live soccer on the MLS (Major League Soccer), and you will also be entertained at the Circuit of the Americas, where Formula 1 races and the United States Grand Prix are held.

    Hiking trails and hikes are the order of the day, as are kayaking and surfing excursions. If you want to have a good time outdoors, you can enjoy the parks and squares in different parts of the city.

    And, of course, when it comes to gastronomy, there is a wide variety of things to do there. The Austin Food Tours have become highly requested by people who want to discover the best foods that can be tasted there.

    Austin’s Best Foods

    Barbecue is one of the highlights of your stay in Austin. Street food is also one of the highlights because you can eat cheaply and quickly without wasting time in the middle of your tours.

    You should know what meats, ribs, and other varieties are available when considering barbecues. The Franklin, Lambert, Le Roy, Lewis, and Tex Mex restaurants are this area’s most notable gastronomic establishments.

    Of course, very prestigious places like Franklin Barbecue and Loro exist. These two places have been honored by receiving the James Beard Foundation award for Best Chef in the Southwest a few years ago. The same goes for Nixta Taquería, another great place to eat.

    Food trucks can be found in different parts of the city. You can order fresh lobster sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, and other menu items that satisfy your appetite with a tasty meal.

    Of course, among so much food, you will need to hydrate. When you’re thirsty, in Austin, you can visit vineyards, wineries, distilleries, and craft breweries where you can enjoy refreshing drinks.

    Austin Food Tours is a unique experience

    You should take the Austin Food Tour to learn more about Austin’s gastronomy. You can taste various dishes on this tour and close the tour with a dessert that will surprise you.

    It will all start at Faregorund, a prominent food hall in the city center. The excursion will continue by tasting Texas-style barbecue brisket with beans.

    Then, it will be time to stroll through some tourist spots until you can eat a bite that will surely leave a great taste in your mouth.

    Later, you will try a refreshing smoothie made with wildflower honey. Then, you’ll eat another bite and continue strolling through the streets of Austin.

    Finally, you will eat your choice at a prominent food truck, and then it will be the turn of the aforementioned dessert, an artisanal flan.

    This will allow you to taste and feel the flavors of every corner of Austin, giving you a unique experience during your days there.

    Discover the culture of Austin

    When you think about anything other than food, you will think about discovering the world’s live music capital. Austin has constant music, film, and art festivals, with artists coming from all over the world to exhibit their creations.

    The Paramount Theater was founded in 1915 and has since become the center of regional art. There you can enjoy plays and also blues musicals.

    The Texas Memorial Museum is another exciting site due to its exhibition of fossil remains. The Blanton Museum brings together more than 15,000 art samples from international artists. Additionally, the Bob Mullock Museum allows you to discover the history of this city.

    Soccer awakens passion

    The Austin Football Club was founded on October 12, 2018, five years ago. This sports institution competes in Major League Soccer, popularly known as the MLS, the most prestigious soccer league in the United States.

    The team plays at home at the Q2 Stadium in the city. There, it receives the support of the more than 20,000 spectators that this venue, inaugurated in 2021, can accommodate.

    Tour the city by bus

    Another great alternative for getting to know the city of Austin in depth is a bus trip through several places of general interest.

    This bus will pass by the Capitol, the Museum of the Strange, the Driskill Hotel, the governor’s mansion, and 6th Street.

    All of this will be in the middle of a tour that takes approximately an hour and a half, with more than 15 stops, so you can enjoy this tour to the fullest.

    Austin is a great city with many things to discover, so your stay there will surely be fabulous.