5 Nationalities to Have a Fling With on Your Travels


By Stephanie Sanassee…

Bounce a coin down the corridors of your backpacker’s hostel and you’re bound to hit someone who’s game for making their trip (and yours) a little more interesting. It’s lovely to meet a fellow native and exchange all the things you love and hate about your country, but if you’re travelling solo there are a few things you can learn about another culture in the bedroom, or perhaps in your case, a springy bunk of a hostel.

1. The Brazilian

5 Nationalities to Have a Fling With on Your Travels

Brazilians hold no taboos to nakedness or sex. We’re all aware of the leggy, bronzed women that soak their peaches in the South American sunshine on Copacabana beach and it isn’t news that Brazilians by their very nature ooze sexiness and charisma. But one thing about this carefree party nation is that their attitude is refreshingly healthy.  Appreciating all shapes and sizes, they love to be naked and they’ll want you to be too, so you might want to swap the bunks for a private room.  The Brazilian will make you feel like you’re the sexiest thing to walk this earth and they love to flirt, flirt, flirt! If it’s the tension you love to build up before the climax then the Brazilian will most certainly be on a mission to turn you on.

2. The American

This person is a total good-timer and will understand that a fling is just a fling and will know when it’s the right time to part ways, so you won’t be getting attached to this one. They’ll find the coolest bars with you and will keep you bouncing from the beach to the city with their zest for life and getting them in the sack is sure to be a fun pursuit. They love to talk and they love to tease and this is all part of the foreplay to getting you well and truly bedded. A lively, giggly romp is sure to be followed by a great breakfast, it’s all about vitality and replenishing the self with Americans and they don’t mind exhausting themselves in the sack prior to a great start to a sunny day.

3. The Italian

Your filthiest fantasies will not only be met but will be held in good faith with the Italians, but be prepared to bare your soul! They want to know you, inside and out (if that’s what you’re into). They’ll drink you in, listen to your stories with keen, loyal ears but they’ll also be thinking about what your arse feels like in their hands. Italians have the vigour, we’ve seen the way they cook and the way they kick off at one another; they are not short on passion, but this is all part of the expression – they don’t believe in keeping things in and prefer you to be outspoken. They love it frank and they love it raw and if this is the way you want to get your jollies then you’re in for a head-spinning treat.

4. The French

Supposedly the most romantic of all nationalities but actually one of the most progressive, the French are usually happy to open up the sex stage to anyone who wants to join in. If you’re wondering what it would be like to have a threesome then these are your folks to try it with. If it’s a polyamorous affair you’re looking for while you travel then most likely they’ll be happy to oblige. They’ll chat with you, drink with you, smoke with you and even entertain your “who am I?” musings. In exchange, they’ll want to leave you with the best sexcapade memories you’ll ever have. The French enjoy the reputation they’ve got going across the globe but they’ll probably skip the red rose and chocolates and get to pulling off your underwear with their teeth as soon as you give them the go ahead.

5. The Spanish

This person will want to explore the sites with you through night-owl eyes. The Spanish are nocturnal explorers and will usually enjoy a meal with you late at night, subliminally topping up your glass and giving you a preview of what could be in store as they sensually tuck into some seafood. The Spanish men will love talking about music and the Spanish women will discuss art and all the while, they’re writing songs to you and splashing colours together in their mind and this is all part of their foreplay. If you love to be serenaded and culturally educated then have a sexy, multi-layered fling with the hot-blooded Spanish, but if it’s just a bit of fiery sex to pass the time with (providing you’ve got the all-night stamina), make sure you’re both not making empty declarations of love!


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