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Travel Sex and Liasons Abroad - The Travel Freak
The Travel Freak

Here at TravelSexLife we’re all about hearing your take on things. We contacted all our favourite bloggers who talk about travel (in some capacity) to touch on the nature of sex on the road and liaisons abroad. We also asked them, if applicable, how they approached such affairs on their blogs.

Here’s what they had to say:

Travel Sex Life - Colin WrightColin Wright, My Exile Lifestyle

“Traveling is about learning; learning about the world and other people and life and yourself. It’s also about chasing happiness and figuring out what your ideal lifestyle looks like when you have a larger context with which to define things.

Sex is important because sex makes people happy. Sex is an important part of personal discovery, and an important part of really opening up to someone else. Sex can forge new bonds and cement relationships. When done right, sex can be a great way to view the world from a wildly different angle (sometimes literally), and, at the very least, can lead to some great stories. more info

I don’t tend to focus on my sexual escapades on Exile Lifestyle, because although it’s an important aspect of my life, it’s something that can easily overshadow everything else one has to say about anything. Rest assured, though, that I see sex the same way I see any other pursuit: as an opportunity to grow and learn and experiment and be as happy as humanly possible for however long I’ve got.”

Travel Sex Life - Brendan's van SonBrendan van Son, Brendan’s Adventures

“Sex really is the least under-talked about subject in the travel blog world.  But let’s be honest, lots of people travel with sex in the back of their minds.  Why do you think Medellin, Colombia – home to countless beauty queens – has become such a popular travel destination without any major tourist attractions?  As much as we hate to admit it, our lives revolve around sex to a certain degree… even if we don’t like to admit it.”

Travel Sex Life - JeremyJeremy, travelFREAK

“The way I see it, people are traveling with the intention to experience different countries so, while they’re at it, they might as well “experience different countries!” Though I haven’t actually been to these places, I can distinctly (and proudly!) say that I’ve “been” everywhere from Germany to Australia to Argentina. After all, I’m here to see the world! Were I to discuss this on the internet, though, I’d run into more than a few problems. I get myself into enough trouble as it is!”

Travel Sex Life - Lillian MarshallLillian Marshall, Around the World L

“I teach middle school full time so nothing on my blog can be racier than PG or I’d get the boot!”


Travel Sex Life - Neil BarnesNeil Barnes, Backpacks and Bunkbeds

“Sex in dorms rooms…just dont.  How would you feel if you were awoken by the bunk next to you gently rocking from side to side as muffled sounds of pleasure eek out from behind a strategically placed bed sheet.

I’ve never really written about it on my blog, 1 because i wasnt exactly a huge hit with the ladies and 2 because I didnt want to appear to be a bragging man slag if/when I did get lucky (I have a mrs now so this is strictly past tense).  I’m quite old fashioned in that I think sex is a fairly private matter,  i’m not part of the ‘Skins’ generation, I dont really want to let other people read about my ‘conquests’ and comment on them.”

Travel Sex Life - Suzanne van RooyenSuzanne van Rooyen, Suzanne van

“My initial thought was ‘what happens abroad, stays abroad’… A friend once told me that travelling was all about the “stamps in your passport” as in how many different nationalities you could get into bed. I’m not really into that but I enjoy at least testing the international waters and learning the ‘sex rites’ of different countries – the culture of flirtation, the pick-up lines, the body language used, the expectations of a date etc. I particularly find gender issues fascinating, like should the guy or girl make and the first move and amongst the gay crowds, how that even works in countries where homosexuality is frowned upon/illegal/or just ignored as if it doesn’t exist.

I think travel sex can be fun but it can also be dangerous especially for girls travelling alone. The reason I don’t go collecting “stamps in my passport” is a fear of disease – I’m a bit paranoid perhaps but I’d rather not exchange my health for the sake of a one night stand in Bhutan (insert any other random or even less random place).

For me, sex in any form is personal and I’d never share those details on a blog. I very rarely share those details with my closest friends so I’m not going to put it out there on the internet.”

Travel Sex Life - Chris Walker-BushChris Walker-Bush, Aussie on the Road

“I think I’ve made it fairly clear in the past that I am pretty open when it comes to my sex life, romances, and other drama on the blog.

As for sex abroad, it’s the only kind I have! I have atrocious luck with women in Australia, but can’t seem to stay single (or maintain an empty bed for a decent length of time) when I’m abroad. Maybe that’s why the travel bug is so strong in me.

And in my blog? I like to be as open as I can without including specifics about the people involved – especially if they’re a reader. As long as you’re sensitive to the privacy ad the feelings of your sexual partners, I think it’s fine to discuss things of that nature. I’d never go into blow by blow detail or be callous enough to ‘rate’ somebody, but I’m not going to pretend sex isn’t a part of my life and my travels.

Travel Sex Life - LizElizabeth Pitt, Liz en España

I’ve only touched on the topic of travel sex once-and that was along the lines of “If we’re sharing a 12-bed mixed dorm, I better not hear the bunk shaking”.  It’s not that I don’t want to cover it, it’s just that my family reads my personal blog, and there are some things that are best left unshared (at least with my grandmother). I do think that it’s something more travel bloggers should discuss, as it is a huge part of travelling, especially backpacking. I give major props to bloggers that do talk about it frankly.

Travel Sex Life - Matt GibsonMatt Gibson,

“Sleeping with other travellers abroad is great and awful. Everybody is on vacation, which is a natural aphrodisiac. People are more willing to let go of their inhibitions when away from home. This can lead to wonderful random encounters with interesting and attractive people. It can also lead to drunken regretful sex in the hostel bathroom with a person (or people) you would never even consider touching back home.”

Erica & Shaun, Over Yonderlust

“Traveling as a couple can definitely make you more “creative” in regards to having your needs met. Make sure to leave time in your relationship for “getting in on” or things will get frustrating VERY quickly.”


Travel Sex Life - Niall DohertyNiall Doherty, Disrupting the Rabblement

“I feel great about it! Something about travel really helps lower my inhibitions. Especially when you’re on the move regularly, you feel you’ve nothing to lose by getting your flirt on with attractive women. It doesn’t matter if you were terrible with the ladies back home; on the road you’re free to reinvent yourself at every stop. Plus, it’s easier to stand out in a crowd because you’re the adventurous foreign guy, not just some other local dude. Sometimes you really do feel like Indiana Jones ;-)”

Jade and James, OurOyster

“Well as a travelling couple I guess it is inevitable (heehee!), but I think the most important thing is to make sure you have adequate privacy. This means NO squeaky dorm beds in the middle of the night, people! It’s important as a travelling couple to also keep the romance alive while on the road. Treat yourself every once in a while to a nice meal, and a nice … private… room.”

Travel Sex Life - Ed RexEd Rex, Rexyedventures

“Sex! Abroad! The first thing that comes to mind is the cliche sun, sea, sand and sex! So basically brings to mind a cocktail of sex on the beach! We all want to sample the exotic things in life when it comes to sex abroad, who knows, you might just surprise yourself!

How do I feel about sex abroad? Well go for it! As long as you use protection and you care about the one you are with, you will have some great memories and laughs in different places around the world! Who knows, you might learn new techniques! 😉

I haven’t actually talked about sex on my blog yet. Cheers for reminding me! But if I did, I’d probably keep it vague as you know my mum and my family will be reading it! Imagine the ribbing I’d get at xmas gatherings!”

Travel Sex Life - IanIan, Eager Existence

“I’m all for travel sex. It’s like good gelato, you have to sample all the flavours before you find your favourite, otherwise you’re just missing out.

But saying that, I pass up a few more opportunities than I should for random travel flings, I guess I’m a gentleman after all.”

Travel Sex Life - PoiPoi & Kirsty, No Place To Be

(but more Poi I think)

“My first thought is: I would love to have sex with all the hot backpackers I see everyday, I’m just not sure how my travel companion and girlfriend would feel about it. As for writing about it –  I would if I was single, mainly as a way of bragging to all my friends back home and everyone else for that matter – mega man points”

Anna Starostinetskaya, Off Track Planet

How do I feel about sex abroad? I feel excited about it, overly so. Trying new things while traveling, in order of importance: 1. Food 2. Sex. At Off Track Planet, we don’t shy away from talking about international hook ups and on-the-road sexin’.

Have something to say on the matter? Let us know in the comments below…

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