4 Tips to Decorate Your Rental on a Budget


Changing the Feel of the Space
Before you decorate your apartment, it will have empty walls and your voice may even echo. Sound gets caught in things like rugs, furniture, and tapestries. Without such décor, it just bounces around until momentum is lost.

Once your apartment is made a home, the very quality of sound will change. But the best ways to decorate can be tricky. If you’re looking to decorate your Dublin apartments, there are plenty of local shops and markets to explore for unique furnishings and decor that will not only make your space feel cozier but also help absorb any unwanted echoes. Here we’ll briefly explore four ways you can make your rental unit feel comfortable and cozy without breaking your budget.

  1. Paintings Available for Next-to-Nothing at Flea Markets
    Flea markets and thrift stores often have paintings for sale that are extremely cheap. Sometimes you’ll find beautiful framed pictures like this as well. For like $5 you can get a painting that will fill half a wall. Certainly, it will depend on the store and the painting. That said, you’ll probably find something you like at your local thrift shop or flea market.
  2. Why Not Hang a Tapestry on a Wall?
    We mentioned tapestries at the beginning of this blog. You know, they’re a fine idea. A nice tapestry can cover a blank wall, or one that’s had some damage done. You can find legitimate tapestries, or you can find blankets with designs on them that work just the same. Go with whatever suits you.
  3. The Floral Angle
    Another strategy to feel like home where you live is to fill your house with flowers. Put them on the dining room table. Put them by the window over the sink in the kitchen. Put them by the large window in the living room, and by the door where you enter the apartment. Now, bouquets can be secured very cost-effectively. However, you can also get potted plants.

As with other items on this list, find the solution that best fits your preferences. You can keep a cut bouquet fresh for weeks if you do the job right. Such florists also commonly sell plants you can keep in perpetual bloom. Just get the right plants.


  1. Rugs
    Rugs can be so soft your toes just want to eat them up. If your apartment has a lot of hard floors, cover them in rugs. Also, if you have a carpeted unit, that doesn’t mean you should avoid rugs. Rugs put under dining room tables or couches can catch spills, preventing the carpet beneath from staining in a way that might just impact your deposit.

The more qualitative the rug, the more pricey it will be, but you can find some astonishingly affordable options at mainstream department stores. Look around a little; shop the deals.

Affordable Decoration That Feels Just Right
A few rugs, flowers in the right places, perhaps a tapestry or two, and paintings found for next-to-nothing at flea markets all represent fine ways to decorate your rental on a budget. There are many ways to go about decorating your apartments for rent in Cambridge. Try to find options that match your preferences and the space you’re working with.