A guide to European Adventure travel on a budget release


The appetite for adventure travel is on the rise, according to Wizzair, who claim that with the lifted travel restrictions and a surge in travel trends on social media, has become increasingly popular, with at least 42% of all tourists willing to partake in one or more adventure activities. 

This is especially true amongst millennials (ages 21-37), who tend to take about five trips a year. 

Experts from Wizz Air, who have flown far and wide, have created a budget friendly guide to European adventure travel, aimed to help your money stretch further. 

Affordable Adventure Activities in:

  • Iceland
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Croatia


As the least populated country in Europe, Iceland has a large quantity of untouched wilderness and vast open spaces. It’s the perfect place for adventure, with its natural beauty attracting travellers from all over the globe. What makes adventure travel so appealing in Iceland is the fact that a large part of it can be done for free. Hiking one of the many spectacular Icelandic routes and passing by breath-taking glaciers can be an affordable adventure holiday for those who love to explore on foot. 

In addition to witnessing the terrific beauty during the day, there is another unique and rare event that takes place in Iceland at night – the northern lights. For many, to capture this moment by being in the right place at the right time is the ultimate adventure. And the best part about it? It’s free! Anyone can step out at night and look up to experience the natural light display in the Earth’s sky, being taken aback by the dynamic and colourful patterns that appear as curtains, rays, or spirals.


For those water babies, the whopping 1,114 miles of Portuguese coast has plenty of adventure to offer. Known as the surf mecca, Portugal is home to legendary big wave swells and awesome beach breaks, with the perfect waves for every type of surfer, whether it’s your first time out in the open sea, to those highly experienced and in search of the gnarliest waves along the Atlantic coast. The good new is that there is an abundance of affordable surf camps you can join, or you can decide to rent a board and go-it-alone for 25-30 euros. For those who already own a board and have brought it along for the ride (pun intended), then this type of adventure activity is entirely free!

For those interested in hiking, Madeira (an island off the coast of Portugal) has some incredible hiking trails and mountains such as Pico do Areeiro that rises above the clouds. This island is often referred to as the Hawaii of Europe because of its volcanic landscapes, rugged coastline, and botanical wonders. It’s a bucket list destination for those in search of some adventure. 


The beautiful Greece has a variety of activities for those seeking a little adventure. For those who really are having to stick to a strict budget, there’s some fantastic hiking trails and different peaks to explore. Whereas for those ocean lovers there are many locations for some exhilarating cliff-jumping! These adventure activities are free and open to anyone. Do your research and find the spots that most appeal to your preferences. For those who do have a bit of extra cash to spare, consider catching a ferry and try some island hopping for the day to satisfy the explorer within.

For those who are searching for the ultimate thrill and have experience in this activity already, Zakynthos, one of the many Greek islands, has one of the most mind-blowing base-jumping locations on the planet. Many throw themselves off the white cliffs that surround shipwreck beach and then float down to land on its shores. It certainly makes for a magical, yet adrenaline fuelled experience. 


A savvy yet adventurous way to travel in Spain is to camp. There’s no shortage of campsites in Spain, with approximately 1,000 campsites scattered across the country, many of them located along the Mediterranean coast. Spain’s pleasant climate, stunning beaches and mountainous inland regions make this an adventure hub for lots of travellers. Besides it’s natural beauty, you can decide to opt for a city break, and experience the likes of Valencia or Barcelona to indulge in a little culture and a different setting. 

For those looking to boast about their adventures, there’s nothing like casually mentioning that you zip-wired from one country into another. And that’s exactly how some people choose to get to Portugal from Spain! The good news is that this means of transport is not only quick (50mph!), but also affordable, only costing £12 to zip across!


Besides Croatia’s jaw dropping beauty, this island has plenty of adventure to offer. One unique location to explore are the Plitvice lakes located inland. These lakes are the richest blue colour, and are all connected by mini waterfalls, where one lake flows into the neighbouring lakes that surround it. You can weave in and around the 60 different lakes by the numerous walk boards across the park that let you wander out over the top, allowing you to witness some spectacular views. 

For those who are looking for some adrenaline, you should consider visiting Krka national park, where you can take a dip and swim next to the stepped waterfall that flows into the lake below. The good thing about national parks is that they are usually free, but it may be worth getting there early to avoid the crowds.