Are Angel Numbers Biblical or Numerological?


For someone with limited knowledge about angel numbers, it may seem that the Bible and angel numbers go hand in hand. Angels, after all, belong to the religious and spiritual realms. So, are angel numbers Biblical or do they have close connections to numerology?

Most people have doubts about the link between the Bible and angel numbers. If you are fascinated by angel numbers, you must have wondered if you should study numerology or Biblical texts. So, let’s discuss everything about angel numbers and what the Bible says about their existence.

Are angel numbers real?

We all have spirits watching over us and trying to direct us. They lend their love, support, and light to brighten up our life’s path. But they are angels and they don’t inhabit our mortal world.

As they are from a different realm, they cannot speak to us directly. So, angels have unique ways of reaching out to us and numbers are one of them.

Yes, our guardian angels often communicate with us in the guise of numbers. In simple words, angel numbers are special messages from our guardian angels who are looking after us.

So, why do these numbers exist? They are there to help us achieve our professional and financial goals.

They help us make wise decisions that align with the purpose of our soul. Even if we don’t realize it initially, they lead us in the right direction.

But are angel numbers Biblical and how can you identify them? Stay tuned to learn more about angel numbers and their mention in the Bible.

How to recognize angel numbers?

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences in the sets of three and four. Some common examples are 333, 111, 2222, etc.

While they may appear ordinary, they have diverse denotations. Each angel number means something different and everyone sees them occasionally.

If you see the same number multiple times, you can be certain that it’s your angel number. The more you trust higher beings for guidance, the more fulfilling your life will be.

You will be able to establish an unbreakable bond with the universe. So, you are bound to prosper in all avenues of your life.

are angel numbers biblical

Where can you see angel numbers?

Angel numbers may present themselves in front of you anytime, anywhere. For instance, you glance at your watch to know the time and you see 11:11. This number displayed on the dial of your watch is an angel number.

Similarly, you can spot repeating numbers on the number plate of a vehicle when you are hurrying to work. What happens is that most of the time, people don’t realize that an angel number has appeared before their eyes.

So, they fail to decipher its deeper meaning and plan their next move accordingly. This is why it is important to have some idea about the places where you can spot them. This way, you will be more mindful of their existence and you can reflect on your actions accordingly.

But are angel numbers in the Bible? Let’s find out!

Numbers and their meanings in the Bible

There is no mention of angel numbers in the Bible. But like numerology, the Bible also prioritizes certain numbers. Have a look at these numbers that you will commonly find in the Bible:


1 is a powerful number that stands for singularity and unity. It commits to the sacred idea of a divine sovereign.

God, the Almighty, is omnipotent and there is just one God. So, in the Bible, its meaning revolves around the idea of God’s primacy.

This number also focuses on the unity between the Father and the Son: God and Jesus. Again, after his birth, Jesus spoke only 1 sentence until he was 12 years old.


3 is a number that reminds devout Christians of the Holy Trinity – the Son, the Father, and the Holy Ghost. It can be a number that denotes completeness. It also signifies reproduction and growth.


7 is highly spiritual in nature and its Biblical implications are the same as the meaning of angel number 7. It has appeared as many as 700 times in the Bible. It took seven days for God to create the world. Jesus used 7 metaphors when he described Himself.

King David also referenced this number when narrating God’s perfect nature. He said God has no flaws, “like gold refined seven times”. So, the number 7 hints at perfection and completion, healing and exoneration.


In every scripture, 10 tells us about God’s authority, divine perfection, order, and completeness.

In the Bible, 10 is present 242 times. 10 instantly makes us remember the 10 commandments. It also represents the authority of God in creating novel opportunities.


11 has links with the themes of disorder and chaos. The Bible uses the number 11 twenty-four times. While 10 is about responsibility and law, 11 represents breaking the law and irresponsibility.


In the Bible, the number 12 has special connotations. The number of apostles is 12 and Israel has 12 tribes. The number is indicative of God’s protective nature and his love for all His children.


According to the Bible, 40 is the number that reminds us to overcome trials and tribulations. It has links to tests of faith and the number keeps repeating in the Bible again and again.

For instance, Moses meditated on Mount Sinai for a period of 40 nights and 40 days. Jesus fasted for 40 days.

Learning to decode angel numbers

If someone masters the art of decoding various angel numbers, their life will become more meaningful. They can gain valuable insights, guidance, and reassurance in all stages of their life. They can witness phenomenal growth, spiritually and personally.

So, if you have faith in angel numbers, try to figure out what they suggest. Then you will never be lonely or lost as you can sense the angelic presence all around you.

These numerical sequences will have a positive impact on your life and angelic guidance will illuminate your path.

Intrigued to know how to interpret divine signs like angel numbers correctly? Scroll down to learn some excellent ways to decode repeating numbers.

Study numerology

To figure out what an angel number indicates, you can rely on numerology. In numerology, there are digits from 1 to 9 and each number carries a strong energy and vibration.

So, you can easily fathom what an angel number suggests by enhancing your knowledge of numerology.

Numerology also breaks down a sequence to a singular number. For example, 27 is a number that carries the energies of two numbers: 2 and 7. Additionally, you should check what the number 9 stands for (as 7+2= 9).

Crosscheck with the Bible

Is there another way to deepen your spiritual understanding of recurring number sequences? You can always open the Bible to cross-refer the angel number you have seen with biblical numerology. This will help you analyze the context better.

Say for example, if you see 777, what will you learn after going through the Bible? 7 is representative of spiritual awakening, and so you can have some idea.

Again, if you see 4:40 on your computer screen, you already know that 40 means the path ahead won’t be devoid of obstacles. With this information, you can work towards your goal with caution.

Trust your intuition

There are guides for Bible numbers, angel numbers, and numerology. However, one of the most essential tools for understanding angel numbers is your intuition.

Once someone acquires sufficient knowledge in this field, their inner wisdom serves as the best guide.

So, lean into your subconscious self to have more clarity regarding angel numbers. Wondering how can you better your intuition?

Many people wear stones as per their zodiac signs to strengthen their intuitive powers. If you are a believer in such things, they can help you immensely in your life’s journey.

Are angel numbers Biblical?

As angel numbers have their origin in numerology, they are not biblical. Numerology is all about attempting to understand what the guardian angels suggest. So, it involves predicting the future and making wise decisions after reflecting on the suggestions given by the angels. In a way, this is trying to figure out what the future has in store for us.

Many people feel hopeful about seeing angel numbers with the assumption that something good will happen. However, the Bible asserts that a person can find true hope only in Jesus. Hebrews 6:19 states that Jesus Christ is like an anchor for the human soul. The hope that a person has for Jesus never fades as it’s not false hope.

While there are many popular teachings at present, not all can offer us guidance or assistance like Jesus. He will enlighten us, teach us love and empathy, and never let us down. Moreover, the Lord cares for all of us as His own. God knows what’s best for His children better than angelic guides.

How does the Bible direct us to treat angel numbers

After knowing the answer to, “are angel numbers biblical?”, are you unsure how to behave when angel numbers are around?

The Bible does not consider the New Age Religion reliable. According to the Bible, such practices fail to fill human hearts with lasting fulfillment and peace.

Angel numbers, for instance, originate in numerology. Numerology can lead a person away from the Almighty and it does not always predict the future accurately. In that sense, it is related to the occult and a Christian should have no inclination toward the occult.

So, the wisest thing to do is turn to God and trust that he has already written our future. This way, one will never harbor false hope in their heart and there will be no disappointments.

Hence, the leaders of Christianity always request people to have faith in Jesus and keep praying to him with utmost devotion. He will fill the void in your life, purify your soul, and heal all your wounds. Once a person realizes the depths of His love and accepts Him as the Savior, they will find solace.

Skepticism and misinterpretations

There can be misunderstandings and misinterpretations of angel numbers. Some people are also skeptical when it comes to believing in the power of angel numbers.

These skeptics opine that seeing a specific number again and again is nothing but confirmation bias. It is basic human nature to look for patterns and there does not have to be any spiritual connection.

Every person has their belief system and there is no harm in it. You may rely on angel numbers or you may dismiss them as unimportant. But if you misinterpret a pattern and change your decisions, the consequences can be unpleasant.

So, don’t let superstitions shroud your judgment. Be it angel numbers or something else – always have an open mind to avoid committing mistakes.

Final thoughts

Lastly, stashed with hidden messages and inner meanings, angel numbers can make life beautiful. How you interpret them and other mystical happenings depends on the religion you follow. Your level of spiritual understanding and overall belief system also influence how you perceive things.

So, are angel numbers Biblical? Despite their increasing popularity, there is nothing Biblical about them. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that some numbers are replete with symbolism. Hence, they are of significance in numerology and are mentioned in the Bible as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where did angel numbers originate?

Angel numbers have been there for thousands of years, even in the Greek civilization. A philosopher named Pythagoras first talked about the vibration of numbers. After that, many people have studied angel numbers elaborately.

2. What does the Bible say about astrology?

Practicing astrology is against biblical teachings. The Bible states that nobody can predict the future as God hasn’t given authority to stars.

3. Does the Bible use numerology?

It’s written in the Bible that after the Exodus, Solomon’s temple was constructed four hundred and eight years later. This kind of dating system is a numerological representation.  We can find several other examples across biblical texts.