Your Dream Holiday Can come true in Cordelia Cruises Things You Must Learn About Cordelia Cruises Ship India

Dream Holiday

Cordelia Cruises strives to improve and improve the experience for cruise passengers in India by offering an experience that is chic, luxuriousand, more importantly, fundamentally Indian. Cordelia is a cruise liner catering to Indians providing services in the manner Indians like to travel. The Cordelia Cruise packages cover but aren’t restricted to Goa, Diu, Sri Lanka, Colombo, Mumbai, Chennai, Lakshadweep, and Trincomalee.

Cordelia which means epitomize the ocean’s daughter in Latin It is as true to its name. It’s a symbol of elegance, style and substance. Its path is guided by the timeless combination of feistiness and elegance to transcend the traditional and discover new frontiers. It is operated through Waterways Leisure Tourism. Ltd, India’s premier cruise liner. Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt. Ltd is an enterprise of the Dream Hotel Group.

Cruising is a great option to spend your time celebrating vacations. Instead of stressing about making traditional holiday plans due to hotel reservations or transportation arrangements, as well as adding in tourist activities, cruise holidays allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation enjoying the luxury of the open ocean with your loved ones.

In the first place, you must decide the length you want your trip to run. Cordelia Cruises by GT Holidays provides trips as little as two nights or longer than seven nights. If you are deciding on the duration of your trip, be sure you look at the transit time between the departure and destination of embarkation.

Then, you’ll need to select which port of entry you’d like to start at for the beginning of the cruise.

Once you’ve chosen the location of your embarkation You’ll need to understand the process of getting there and from the place of embarkation. For example, do you choose to fly or drive? Do you need an overnight stay prior to or after the cruise?

Once you’ve established the destination you’ll be visiting and how long you’ll stay there then the next step is to decide on the type of holiday you’re seeking. For example: Do you want an unwinding, peaceful cruise with a sunbathe in Cochin or are you looking for an adventure-packed holiday, floating around the islands of Lakshadweep? Do you have a specific destination that grabs your attention like Diu, Sri Lanka, or Chennai? If yes, it’s time to turn your dream to a realisation!

It is also important to determine which cruise ship is more geared towards families or couples. Although every one of the Cordelia cruise ships have facilities for adults and children, certain cruises are specifically designed for either one of the two.

Once you have decided on the cruise ship you’ll have to decide on the type of room that you’ll stay in. This is a significant choice because the amount of space in each room can vary greatly. You’ll need to consider whether you’d like an apartment or a suite or a stateroom, and the number you’ll require (if traveling with children). It is also important to consider whether you’d prefer an indoor or fancy setting featuring a view of the ocean via a balcony or porthole. Take a look at the amenities offered for each suite and stateroom in order to select the one that best suits your needs and those

of your family. Also, take an idea of the cost differences between the different types of rooms. Decide how much you would like to consume and locate the right room for your budget.

Every guestroom, bed linens and public areas are cleaned and regularly disinfected. This involves cleaning the cabin alleys and washroom pipes two times a day using disinfectants used in hospitals.

Public areas are all subject to the two-tier process of sanitization including cleaning, fogging and wiping using disinfectants that are hospital grade. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available for use by guests in the public areas. The lifts are cleaned once every two hours. Touchpoints that are repeatedly touched, such as handrails, lift buttons, door handles, and tabletops are cleaned each hour. Food pavilions, restaurants, and bars are disinfected three times every day. Children’s entertainment facilities and play areas are regularly cleaned. The gym, spa theatre, shops, and spa are cleaned twice a day. Food and drinks are served by staff wearing gloves and masks. The sourcing of food and drinks is prohibited in areas that are particularly affected by the pandemic. The use of wild animals in cooking is not permitted on board.