How to Select Your Emerald Cut Diamonds


One of the most popular diamond cuts that you could get from the jewelry store is the emerald cut. There is this elongated and rectangular shape that gives the stone this elegant look that would also help in making the stone look bigger than it actually is, especially compared to other diamond shapes that are of the same carat weight. You could see a ton of emerald-cut diamonds for sale if this is the diamond cut that you are interested in getting. 

How Do You Pick a Good Emerald Cut Diamond?

  • Clarity

The clarity of your diamond would depend on your preference and what you are going for, but you have to remember that with the emerald cut diamond, the blemishes on the stone would be more noticeable compared to other diamond cuts like the cushion Cut Diamond and the Round Cut Diamond.

Here are some of the clarity in diamonds for the GIA scale:

  • IF- Internally flawless
  • VVS1 – Very very small inclusions 1
  • VVS2 – Very very small inclusions 2
  • VS1 – Very small inclusions 1
  • VS2 – Very small inclusions 2
  • SI1 – Small inclusions 1
  • SI2 – Small Inclusions 2
  • I1 – Inclusions 1
  • I2 – Inclusions 2
  • Color

The color of the diamond would be so noticeable when you get a diamond that has the emerald cut since it has this large table and the cut would be able to retain more of the natural color of the diamond. 

For emerald cut diamonds, you could go for a diamond that has the I grade or lower because this is where you would not see a slight yellow tint on the stone, unlike the diamond that has the J grade and higher. 

  • Cut 

When it comes to the quality of the cut of your emerald cut diamond, it is much trickier to really assess the quality of the cut of an emerald cut compared to other cuts like round brilliants. And that is because almost all of the lab entities do not actually give you a cut grade for diamonds that have a ‘fancy’ cut. 

The depth, length to width, and table ratios actually play a huge role in how the diamond would look because it also would be able to affect the reflection of the light. When you are talking about the emerald cut, then you have to make sure that the depth of your diamond is below 74 percent.

  • Length to width ratio

The ratio of your emerald cut diamond is calculated by getting the length of the diamond and dividing it by the width so that you could get the proper ratio of the cut. You have to remember that this cut is squared and elongated. 

When you are looking for the ratio of this diamond cut, a lot of people prefer getting between 1.30 to 1.60. But this would differ depending on your preferences.

What Diamond Color is Best for Emerald Cut?

The best color that you could choose when you are looking for the perfect emerald cut diamond for you is the color grade I since this is the color grade that does not let you see this yellowish tint. With the emerald cut specifically, you would be able to see this yellowish tint with your naked eye when you get a diamond that is color grade J and higher. 

Price of an Emerald Cut Diamond

If you are curious about the overall price of an emerald cut diamond, it would generally depend on the 4Cs (cut, color, carat, clarity) of the specific diamond that you are getting. Going into your jewelry shopping journey, you should already have this image in your mind of what you may want your diamond to look like so that it would be easier for you. 

When you are thinking of the kind of cut you want your diamond to have, whether it be for an engagement ring, for decoration, or even for investment, you have to take into consideration all of the factors, from the setting styles and clarity to the carat and color. Visit your nearest jeweler to help you find the right diamond and diamond cut for you!