Speech About Love And Relationship For Students 

Speech About Love
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If you are looking for a heart-touching speech about love on the Internet, then this is a must-read post for you. There are several special events and functions where you may need to prepare your speech. If you have selected love as your main topic and looking for an evoking speech, then follow this post until the end. 

Here’s Your Speech About Love

Love is one of the most unusual feeling of the world that can fill your heart with the light of compassion. For some, it is merely a word, but some people dedicate their entire life to attain true love. The meaning of love can vary from one person to another. To understand the term accurately, we need to develop broader aspects of love. Let’s understand!

Love Is Often Related To The Feelings

Love is often considered to be a feeling; however, it is much more than that mere feeling. Emotions are fragile and can change with time. Contrarily, love is eternal and does not depend on the situation. If it is merely an emotion, then you can feel it strongly at one point and wonder at the next day that your feelings are fading away. So, this speech about love says that love is not merely a feeling, but feelings add color to love. So how to define love accurately. Let’s find out!!

What Is Love? 

Love is the optimal human virtue that allows a person to feel liberated, feel kindness and compassion, and lead a happy life. Human life is intended to attain love, respect, freedom, and integrity. These values make the foundation of love. Philosophers, Writers, and philanthropists are trying to define love from the centuries that have resulted in thousands of definitions for love. However, love is a free feeling and can not be bound in words. But yes! You can try to embellish this special feeling with some special words on the basis of how you have experienced it. 

Important Characteristics Of Love

To understand the word love more precisely, you need to understand its salient characteristics: 

Love Is All About Giving

Love is a selfless act, and it is all about giving. True love is, above all, the malignant feelings and asks for the sacrifices of the human ego, greed, attraction, and enslavement. Love liberates and not holds the beloved ones. It preaches on humanity and not on being at the top of the chart. When you are truly in love, you will stop bragging and start helping others without advertising your act of kindness. The true love advocates on speaking the truth can take you away from the falsehood. 

Love Is Dynamic

Love is not static, and it expands with time. For instance, the love of the children for their parents increases with the time when they get to know more about their sacrifices. Also, the love between the spouses should ideally grow along with the time. The potential for love’s growth is boundless. It can grow with every second in seeing your partner happy, surprising others, finding happiness in the smallest events. If you are experiencing these things happening in your day-to-day life, then you are in true love. 

Love Can Do Miracles

Love is a very powerful word, and it can literally do miracles. It can inspire people to do heroic deeds, heal emotional wounds, and help you in lonely times. Love can fill your life with fun, laughter, and joy. If you are not happy in love, then it is not true love, but somewhere a malignant feeling is involved in it. It can fill your heart with the light of kindness, truthfulness, compassion, and strength for creativity. 

Love Liberates, It Does Not Bind!

True love liberates and doesn’t bind. It is your ego that makes you bound your loved ones into the limitations. True love is free from bondage, clinging, and all kinds of toxicity. If your love is true, it will set your partner free. It liberates them to be themselves, feels whatever they want to feel, and do whatever they want to do. Love doesn’t tell you to grasp onto people, but it teaches you to let go. 

Expression Of Love

Humans tend to love and show it to their partners or loved ones. However, the expression of love can vary from one person to another, as all people are not the same. Some keep saying about it all the time, whereas some people express it through their deeds. Besides, the motion of love can have different significance for different people. However, we all love and want to get loved back in return. It is the main highlight of this speech about love. 

Definition Of True Love From Bible

One of the best definitions of love from the Holy Bible book suggests the following characteristics of true love:

  • Love is kind and patient. 
  • There is no place for envy, proud or boastfulness in true love.
  • Love is not rude or self-seeking.
  • The state of love can not be angered easily. 
  • Love does not maintain the record of the wrongs. 
  • It does not delight in evil but flourishes with the truth. 
  • It is a state full of trust, hope, protection, and perseverance. 

Is Love All Good? 

The definitions and characteristics we have seen in this speech about love seem ideal and heavenly. However, we are humans and associate our ego, desire, and expectations with it. Love is one of the most perplexing feelings, as well. It is not always about fun, joy, and excitement, but it also leads to pain, suffering, and loneliness. Everything is not a fairytale in love, but it is slightly different on the ground of reality. Many intellectual writers have compared this feeling with falling into the abyss. Besides, our love changes from one person to another, and we don’t carry this spark for the global fraternity. 

Final Words!!

The feeling of love is above all the feelings of the world, and it significantly affects the lives of the people on earth. However, it should not be confused with other feelings like possession, bragging, ownership, or boastfulness. We should keep the love for every other individual, animals, and elements of this world. Then only we can love in the real meaning, which is the main conclusion of this speech about love.