The Necessary Clothing In Desert Hiking


Shirt with Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved shirts give sun protection and make you more noticeable while hiking with others.

Wearing a long-sleeved shirt that wicks away moisture is one strategy to decrease water loss in the desert, which is another thing we want to avoid doing since we don’t want to waste water. You should ideally choose an article of clothing that is lightweight, has air vents in it, and has a loose fit.

Convertible Pants

The temperatures in the desert may vary greatly, so you need to be prepared to adapt your behavior rapidly.

Convertible pants are an excellent choice for the desert because they provide the adaptability of being able to change from long trousers to shorts in a very short amount of time. Click here for a definition of convertible pants. This makes them a wonderful option for both men and women. Once again, we are looking for something that is breathable and doesn’t add more weight.

Hiking Socks

Even though it may seem unimportant, having a nice pair of socks is essential while hiking in the desert. Cotton socks are not recommended since they take a very long time to dry because they do not wick away moisture effectively. The ideal choice is to equip yourself with hiking socks made of wool or a moisture-wicking synthetic material, as this combination will provide the highest level of comfort and protection.

Hiking Shoes

In a nutshell, you need to make sure that you are using footwear that is designed for outdoor activities like hiking. When going on walks in the desert, it is recommended that you use trail running shoes or hiking boots that are comfortable and lightweight. This will not only shield your feet from the many hazards that may be present on the ground (like jagged rocks, for example), but it will also protect your ankles in the event that anything were to go wrong.

Extra Jacket

Even though you could be in the middle of a desert, the temperature can still drop significantly at night and during the early morning and late afternoon hours. Desert hiking clothing should always include an extra jacket for nights and temperature drops. 

Sun Protection Headwear

When hiking in a desert environment, a hat is an item of clothing that is required to be worn at all times. Because it may become quite hot outside, you should make sure that your head and your face are well protected from the sun.Donning a hat with a broad brim will give a substantial amount of covering.

It won’t weigh you down, it can be worn in a variety of situations, and it will shield you from the sun while still providing warmth if you need it. It may be worn either around the neck or on top of the head.


When venturing out into the desert, don’t forget to bring a good pair of shades with you. You should wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from potentially damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation and glare. Bear in mind that this item is not enough to shield you from the sun; you will also need extra protective gear.

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It is essential that you put on gloves, even if you are already protecting yourself from the sun by donning a hat with a broad brim. If the temperature drops while you are out trekking in the desert, your gloves will not only shield your hands from the intense heat and glare of the sun, but they will also keep your hands nice and toasty.


When going trekking in the desert, it is imperative that you bring along some sunblock. You really must take measures to shield your skin from the sun’s potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation (

One terrible burn may lead to significant difficulties in the future, even though it might not seem like you’re receiving a lot of sun at the moment. It’s always better to err on the side of caution than regret.

Lip Balm

In the desert, the air will be exceedingly dry, and your lips are more likely to get chapped as a result. Your lips will be well-protected and moisturized thanks to this product.


If you plan on going trekking in the desert, you should carry a beanie with you, particularly if it will be chilly. Because of the significant decrease in temperature that occurs overnight, it will be of great assistance in having your head as well as ears warm while you are out hiking.


It is strongly suggested that you carry an insole along with you if you plan on doing any trekking in the desert. If you aren’t accustomed to walking on sand, your feet will feel weary very soon, therefore it’s crucial to wear shoes that provide enough support. Your trip may be made more pleasant by using an insole, and using one also helps preserve your toes while you’re out on the trail.