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HoHoHo: German Glühwein is coming to town

Posted on November 26th, by Turner in Uncategorized. 2 comments

I like Christmas, but I fucking love Gluhwein

-Saint Nicholas

True story. There is but one thing that can keep me freezing my bratwurst of in Germany this holiday season instead of getting all sultry and Y Mama Tu Tambien down in Colombia, and her name isn’t Helga or Franzie or ….No not this lusty sweet frauline is much more addictive and her day after vengeance is much more potent, yet easier on the wallet (if done right – German gals pay for themselves, bless their little hearts).  I am of course talking about the Gluhwein (hot spiced/mulled wine) found at German Christmas markets.… Read the rest

Working in Holland at

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My day began just like any Dutch employee’s average day working in Holland – pedaling my stolen recently purchased from a junkie bicycle from a legally licensed business ferociously in the freezing cold tundra Netherlands, trying as fast as humanly possible to get to the bicycle parking garage in order to score a free spot at the nearest train station.… Read the rest

Sinterklaas in Holland: Where is American Black Pete?

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I wish I could say this was a joyous weekend. I wish I could say that the children of the Netherlands were enthralled with happiness. But I can’t.

Today was a dark day in Holland, a dark day indeed. For the children were robbed of the experience of an American Pete.… Read the rest

An Open Sinterklaas Plea to the People of Holland

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Friends, (non)-country men, lend me your tweets.

I have but one Sinterklaas wish this holiday season. And that wish is a holiday job. But not just any holiday job. I want a job as one of your Zwarte Pieten (Black Petes).

But let me explain.

I have written to everyone but mighty Saint Nicolaas himself – the .infos, the .nl’s, the Sinterklaas’s, the tourism boards, KPN  – in search of the this dream holiday job as Black Pete.… Read the rest

Not Making Money Travel Blogging? Try Blog Trips

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How to Find Blog Trips

So the big questions of the day: if you are not making money travel blogging, what else is there? Answer: Blog Trips. Sometimes called ‘sponsored trips’, ‘press trips’(for traditional media), or more succinctly: “free” vacations¹.

I started out this week by going to the Super Bowl of travel networking events, World Travel Market in London, in order to learn more about getting blog trips (one of the perks of travel blogging).… Read the rest