How to use Telegram for Business

How to use Telegram for Business
How to use Telegram for Business

Maybe you’ve heard that Telegram is on the rise. It’s possible you’re already using it, or maybe you’re just wondering: can I use it for business purposes?

With over 500 million monthly active users, chances are your customers use Facebook Messenger. Over the last year, Facebook ?????? ????? Messenger has gained traction and is now commanding a presence in the marketplace. If you’re considering using it to communicate with your customers, here are some pros and cons of this popular messaging app to consider.

What is Telegram?

Whether you’re looking for an app that’s focused on security, ease of use, or value, Telegram has something for you. You can send messages, videos and images over the app and it even supports files. Plus its privacy policy is so secure that everyone wants to use it.

Here is an Insider article about Telegram:

  • Encrypted chats: use the secret chat mode to ensure your entire conversation is securely encrypted from end-to-end.
  • Self-destructing messages: Secret messages are configurable to self-destruct after a set period of time.

Telegram allows up to 2 GB file attachments.

As Telegram continues to grow, experts are beginning to pay more attention to the app’s usage and stats. The numbers they have discovered are impressive.

  • The average Telegram user spends 2.9 hours/month on the app.
  • Users are split into 41.4% female and 58.6% male demographics.
  • 85% of Telegram users own Android devices.
  • 3 great reasons why you should start your own Telegram for Business account