69 Countries, 69 Condoms (Part 3/6)


You never would have suspected it based on the package, but those Indian condoms were as adorable as it gets. It turns out that you appreciated them to a fault – really, was it necessary to place them in your refrigerator to add a chocolate scent? Now you’re out of condoms, and you’ve just stepped across the border into Mexico. Need help finding some protection? Part three of TravelSexLife’s 69 Countries, 69 Condoms is here to save the day for more details visit here.

American Condom

Finnish Condom

French Condom

note: I know who I’m traveling with next

Hong Kong Condom

Hungarian Condom


Icelandic Condom

Lithuanian Condom

Mexican Condom

Pakistani Condom

Polish Condom

Portuguese Condom

Serbian Condom

Thai Condom


There’s more Strawberry Flavor where that came from, folks. Let TravelSexLife fix you up with our ever-practical international condom reference guide below! Get caught up on the beginning of the series with Part I Part II Part IV Part V Part VI



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