A Unique Condom Delivery Service


If you’re living in Dubai and are looking to get a condom delivered to your doorstep moments after ordering, then you may be in luck – in fact, you may be surprised to find the delivery arriving without much of a delay whatsoever. Now, high-quality Durex products are being delivered at the doorsteps of customers non-stop from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m, every day of the week. Durex and Buzzman Middle East has launched a successful company called SOS Condoms Services in order to cater to the sexual needs of the people that visit the great metropolis. As Dubai has specifically strict sex laws, more than a few customers have found this unique service very useful. All you have to do is get in touch with the representative of the services and place your order.

In terms of ordering, you can simply order your condom through your iPhone or across their company website. It is as simple as that! According to Sandrine Girard, a Buzzman spokesman, this splendid service will be available to the residents of other cities as well (the next city will be determined, based on the results of a competition regarding SOS Condoms Services). The details of the competition can be had from the company’s Facebook page. The beauty of this exquisite service is that condoms get delivered to your doorstep within one hour of ordering them.

Source: Washington Post


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