Celebrate Pride in Madrid


In Madrid, summer begins on June 28, Gay Pride Day. That’s when the streets of the Chueca district are covered with flags and garlands, and bars in the area set up their terraces, while the main squares host live music. The festivities, which are spread throughout the week, reach its peak on Saturday, when the parade for the rights of LGBT people gathers around two million people from all over the world.

As every year, the last weekend of June or the first of July, it’s the Gay Pride Day and many people choose to spend these days in one of the apartments in Madrid. The Spanish capital is a modern, open and cosmopolitan city, with one of the largest Gay Pride celebrations in the world. Therefore, their parties are not only the gay community ones, but also the ones of those people who enjoy life freely.

This year the Madrid Gay Pride takes place between 27 June and 1 July, and as a central act the parade is on Saturday, which brings together associations and groups throughout Spain to the biggest parade in the country. The event runs through the space between the Puerta de Alcala and Plaza España, and in previous years has gathered two million people.

But the Pride festivities are more than just the parade on Saturday. From Wednesday on, a lot of activities are held, like concerts, performances, sporting events and festive events, as the legendary career in heels. But the night also offers many options for fun and to meet new people. In addition to bars and concerts taking place throughout the neighbourhood, there is the already-legendary Infinita Festival, held on June 30. This is a festival that brings together thousands of people to celebrate Gay Pride in a festive way. This year’s festival features artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Brian Cross, Mike Kelly or Lukke Agu. More than a party, it is already a flagship in the Spanish gay world, not only for providing the best gay party in Spain, but also for being a known brand with a prestigious reputation that catalogues it as an authentic celebration. The event is so popular that the festival is now called InfinitaGayWeek and holds other activities during the entire week.

In 2007 Madrid celebrated the Europride (European Pride Official Party) and was qualified as the “Major and Best Europride of history” by the president of EPOA (European Pride Organizers Association). Thereafter, the Gay Pride Madrid has gained greater prestige and international recognition. As a result of this, Gay Pride Madrid was awarded in November 2009, in San Francisco (USA) as the “Best gay event in the world” (Tripout Gay Travel Awards) given by MTV. And they received the same award for the event in 2010.

No doubt, this is the best time to visit the Madrid apartments, walk through Chueca, the gay neighbourhood, and meet people from all over Spain and all over the world at a party for everyone, both for those who want to make the most of the frenzy of the night, and for those who enjoy the tranquillity of the day.

The Gay Pride Madrid has become by its own right, the most popular in Spain. And has grown from those small vindictive statements of the 80’s to the big event it is today, an event where people gather together and celebrate equality and diversity, in a playful and fun way, not to mention to make known the demands of the LGBT community.


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