Club TSL Interviews: Roosh V, Travelling Pick-Up Artist and Scorn of Feminists Everywhere


Today, we’re talking with Roosh Vörek, the controversial writer known to many simply by the name of his blog, Roosh V. Roosh spends his time traveling the world (Brazil, Denmark, Iceland, Poland) meeting (and sleeping with) local women. He has written several books detailing his adventures and sharing advice with his fanbase. His first book, Bang, he describes as, “a textbook for picking up girls and getting laid”.

Let’s find out more about what it’s like traveling the world as an international “pick-up artist”. Ladies, save it for the comments!

1. Hey Roosh, thanks for chatting with TSL. For those that don’t know about you, tell us a little about yourself and your site.

I’m 32 years old and from the United States. After college I got a full-time job as a microbiologist. Eventually I started a game blog on the side where I wrote about how to pick up girls in the States. When I was 28 I quit my job and started writing full time. I’ve since put out close to 10 books and spent three years abroad, mostly in South America and Eastern Europe.

My site has writing on game, travel, and the ills of feminism. I regularly try to show American men that they can find thinner and more feminine women abroad, which often attracts a lot of criticism.

2. Brave, I expect our readers will have some keen responses to that! OK, so what inspired you to start sharing your adventures with the world?

It wasn’t so much an inspiration as a logical next step. Instead of writing about girls in the States, I started writing about girls in whatever location I was in. I think most blogs are an extension of the author’s experience. Since travel is a big part of my life it would be weird for me not to write about it. Men are also curious to know how the dating culture is in different countries.

3. Indeed. But obviously with travelling the world, you’re bound to upset certain countries and people with your writing. What has been the overall public response from your blog?

I have a great core audience of men who share my interests and beliefs, but the general public reaction has been negative, especially from mainstream media outlets. I’ve now been trashed in the media of four foreign countries: Iceland, Latvia, Denmark and Estonia.

By far the worst reaction has been from Denmark because of my “Don’t Bang Denmark” book. They were not pleased that I called their women “the most masculine in the world who have bodies that are shaped like Pepsi cans”.

Danish women possess no flirting ability. They have zero charm and zero allure. Not a feminine drop of blood courses through their veins. They don’t know how to treat you well, cook for you, or make you laugh. They don’t know how to look sexy. They won’t defer to your masculinity. They can fuck you, but no more.

4. So, these serious haters, how do you deal with them?

If the hater is bigger than me, I respond, but if they are smaller than me, I ignore. After a while having so many haters becomes normal. If I go a few days without receiving hate then I wonder if I’ve lost my magic touch.

5. It’s definitely a touch that has ruffled a few feathers! What’s your craziest story?

Getting stalked in Estonia by haters who believed I overstayed my tourist visa. They would gather on internet forums to track my location and urge everyone to call the police to have me deported. They even created a blog about me called “Sex Tourist Go Home.” One night I was pulled out of the club by police but due to a mixup I was let go. Since then I no longer announce my current whereabouts. I’ve had to adapt to a world where guys like me are looked upon unfavourably.

6. So in response to the “game”, where, in your opinion, is the best place in the world to pick up women?

Scandinavia. Girls speak English, drink a lot, and put out extremely quickly. I had the fastest lays in my life in Iceland, often under an hour from meet to bang. My answer would change if you start talking about best places to get a feminine girl, loyal girlfriend, and so on, but for fast, no-strings-attached sex, it doesn’t get better than Scandinavia.

7. By now (even in this interview) we know that you say some pretty controversial things. We’re interested, does your family read your blog? What is their reaction to it?

They know of it, but they don’t actively read it. My parents are not good with computers so they don’t really understand what a blog is. I’m thankful for this. Recently my 15-year-old brother found out about my blog when his friend stumbled on one of my posts and said, “Hey wait, isn’t that your brother?” That was an awkward day.

8. Aside from the awkwardness, have you had any negative repercussions as a result of your site?

My name is now forever linked to my “sexist” and “misogynist” blog, so I doubt I can ever get a corporate job again. It also has cost me several bangs when nice girls I met later got curious and googled me, but now I use an alternate name to avoid that scenario. When a girl is using my laptop for a while my heart starts beating fast because she is just a couple clicks away from disaster. I also hide my credit cards, passport, and anything else with my tainted name on it. Sometimes I feel like I’m living a double life. Now that I think about it, I’ve had to make several life changes because of my writing.

9. You’re like a new age Salmon Rushdie, but instead of hiding from jihadists you hide from militant misogynists. How do you keep your anonymity while on the road? Have you ever had a girl recognize you from your site?

I don’t tell anyone I meet in person about my blog and I don’t put up new pictures. I’ve been recognized by girls in the U.S., Latvia, and Estonia. Only in the U.S. are girls still regularly eager to sleep with me after knowing about the blog (they place more value on known personalities). However my favorite groupie was a girl who lived in a run-down Brazilian city. I visited and we had passionate sex for one week without using condoms.

10. Promoting condoms or not, what kind of impact do you think you’re making on your readers?

The same impact that any writer has: opening readers’ eyes to new possibilities and adventure. The grass really can be greener.

About the Author: Roosh V

Roosh is 32 years old and grew up in the USA. He began a career as an industrial microbiologist. A couple years later he started a blog called DC Bachelor, and lived in constant paranoia that his employer would bust him for the sexist content. He quit his job and finished his first book called Bang. Since then he has released several more titles while living in Europe, with the most popular being Day Bang. You can view all his books at BangGuides or check out his website Roosh V.


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