How Do You Keep Skin Tight While Losing Weight


Weight loss has a plethora of health benefits as it makes an individual fit and active enough to perform all sorts of activities but on the other hand, the process can also make your skin get loose because of the deduction of fat from the body. So, to bail you out of this body condition, we will give you the appropriate answer to how do you keep skin tight while losing weight

Although loose skin will not harm your organ’s working but yes, it can surely affect some individuals’ confidence and prove itself as an obstruction to some physical tasks. This skin elasticity or loosing can be easily witnessed in areas like arms, butts, face, and stomach. To know about its cure, read the complete article with patience and understanding. 

How Do You Keep Skin Tight While Losing Weight? 

Skin loosing cannot be prevented entirely but yes, there are a few suggestions and steps which an individual should follow while the process of losing weight so that their skin remains bright and tight like always. So, let’s dive in to know about them!

1.Slow Paced Weight Loss

It is recommended by many doctors that an individual should keep an eye on their weight loss graph which basically means targeting only 1kgs to 3kgs in a week and not more than this. 

The sudden decrease in fat can affect to dulling of the face, hanging off the skin, and poor health as well. Not only this but the fast weight loss process can also make the objectives difficult to be fulfilled. 

2. Stay protected from UV rays

Whether you work out indoors or outdoors, make sure to cover your exposed skin with a sunscreen lotion of a broad spectrum (more than SPF 30+) so that your skin’s collagen doesn’t harm at all from those ultraviolet rays.

In such cases of outdoor workout, it is suggested to wear full-length clothes and schedule your exercise sessions either during the early morning or evening so that you do not come in contact with strong UVA and UVB rays. Apart from sun-protecting lotions, there are UPF clothes available in the market which give you a shield from sunburn or damage. 

3. Eat Colorful 

Prepare a meal that is full of vibrant colors of different fruits and vegetables that not just look tempting but also give your skin the required strength to stay tight during weight loss. Following this habit will give you multi-vitamin and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants. 

As per many dieticians, an individual must include green and red color veggies in bowls like spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, beetroot, and so on. All these will help in making collagen and providing tightness to the skin. 

4. Say No to Smoking

Excessive smoking and drinking while weight loss are one of the major reasons behind skin loosing as they make the body weaker. Not only this but this injurious habit also decreases the collagen level of the skin which gives the body a wrinkled appearance. 

Many gym trainers also suggest that smoking during weight loss makes the efforts and hustle zero which results in a negative transformation. It also makes the lips black which impacts drastically on the face value. 

5. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is something that can drain up all your energy, resulting in breakage of cells and inflexibility of skin. For situations like this, doctors and trainers suggest individuals for staying hydrated and sip at least 5 liters of water a day. 

Add on of juices and shakes will be the cherry on top as this will give the skin glow and power to fight the weakness which somewhere leads to hanging of skin. 

6. Apply Retinoid Creams 

A lot of retinoid creams and gels are dermatologist tested which commits to uplifting the skin, making it shinier, and protecting against collagen damage. 

Apart from this, there are also some serums on the market which has epidermal growth property and their daily use can do magic on the skin. These products are easily available in cosmetics and chemist shops which do wonders within one week of constant use. 

7. Gain Muscles

When your body replaces fat with tight muscles, the skin automatically fits on it tightly without making the body look sagged. Muscle gaining is the process that not just makes the body tough but also burns up calories which work as a catalyst in the weight-loss journey. 

From dumbbells and machines to yoga poses, you can go with anything. It is suggested that the gaining process must be rough, harder, and consistent so that you get positive results on the metabolism and muscles. Following this will make your skin brighter, tighter, and shinier. 

8. Visit to Dermatologist

Now medical science has multiple radiofrequency devices which clinically do skin tightening and filling in just 2-3 sittings. They basically enhance your look and skin by creating the circumstances of the production of new collagen. 

They warm up the skin, reduce dead cells, and introduce more collagen to the skin. This process can be done during or after the fulfillment of weight objectives but as per many doctors, the best results can be seen during the stability of the body so think wiser. 


Above we made you aware of how do you keep skin tight while losing weight which might have helped you a lot in understanding your body conditions and the right methods to follow for favorable results. 

Although there is nothing to get worried a lot about this issue but yes, a little attention to this can give you more confidence and strength for your whole life. Following the above-mentioned points will not just benefit your skin but also show positive results for the entire body by making it more beautiful and healthier. 

If you still want any further assistance and have any queries then please share the same in the comment box mentioned below. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do You Keep Skin Tight While Losing Weight?

From being hydrated and quitting smoking to visiting dermatologists there are multiple solutions for this problem. 

  1. Can serums and sunscreens help in the tightening of skin?

Yes, there are a lot of cosmetics like sun-protecting gels, retinoid creams, and so on that can do wonders with the skin by not just making it tighter but also softer and shinier.