How to Choose the Right Day Trips From Florence


Have you heard about Florence? Most people might have read about the famous English Nurse, Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp. Incidentally Florence Nightingale was born in Florence and hence the name.

In modern Italy, the city is an important part of the Tuscany province. It has a long history and importance that is comparable to that of other cities like Pisa or even the Vatican. Apart from the mediaeval castles and palaces, you can find the academy gallery, the place where the iconic Statue of David by Michelangelo is situated.

There are many trips but you should always find the best day trips from Florence for a smooth and safe experience in Florence. 

4 Important Features of a Good Florence Trip

Before booking your Florence Private Tour make sure that your trip has the following features. First and foremost, the tour provider should be a renowned provider who has many years of experience in the industry. If any private excursion planner or tour provider has been in the industry for many years, you can easily understand that the quality of their tours and travels is top notch.

Secondly, the trip should be a private tour in Florence. Otherwise, you might end up travelling with a number of others which might not provide you the necessary privacy. Book a day trip from Rome that provides a private car and a dedicated driver for your trip.

This brings to the third important feature of a good trip, a dedicated driver who can speak English. If you know how to speak Italian, then this is not an essential one. If you are not fluent in Italian, it is a very important thing to consider. Most people in Italy don’t understand or speak English. Only people associated with the tourism industry take the effort to learn the language. Otherwise it could be hard to communicate with you if you want to get for more details so you can visit here.  

The fourth important thing to consider is intrinsic to the trip itself. The previous three factors are related to the tour provider and not the trip. A well planned itinerary is important for a smooth experience in your Rome Day Trips. You should be able to see the important places like Piazza Del Duomo, Academy gallery, Holy Cross Church among other places.

Piazza Del Duomo is an important square in Florence that is a must visit place. You can also see the Baptistery, the Bell tower of Giotto and other minor attractions at this location. Holy Cross Church is rich in history and cultural relevance. Even if you are not a Christian, visiting the church is important for historic reasons. Of course, the most famous Michelangelo Square should be covered by the tour provider. It is the highest point in the city and you can see the whole city place beneath you. This will give you a bird’s eye view of Florence. It is a scenic beauty that should not be missed.

Next time, make sure that your tour provider ticks all these important features before booking one.