Learn Why Modafinil Has No Side Effects


For the vast population of those using Modafinil to address different conditions, it has been found to be incredibly well-tolerated, with very minimal undesired effects. Studies have been conducted regarding whether it is possible to overdose while using modafinil, and it was determined that after very large doses, it cannot happen. There have been no reports made regarding death or hospitalization from taking too much Modafinil. 

The main side effects that were found with the use of Modafinil turned out to be what the medication is used to battle today as an off-label medication. During studies, it was found that the medication caused increased alertness and improved brain function. There are, of course, situations that could lead to the drug showing some undesired effects causing mild discomfort. 

What Does Modafinil Treat

When originally released, Modafinil was used to help those who were diagnosed with a sleep disorder known as narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a condition that affects roughly 1 in 2,000 people in America, or around 3 million worldwide. Those suffering from narcolepsy are prone to falling asleep at random times throughout the day, sometimes for 10 to 20 minutes each time. Modafinil was designed to stimulate the central nervous system, assisting with keeping the patient awake throughout the day. During trials, it was discovered that Modafinil had excellent off-label abilities also.

When testing was done on those who were found to not be sleep-deprived, it was found that their cognitive functions had greatly increased with just one Modafinil tablet. Modafinil had also shown great results for obstructive sleep apnoea, and SWSD over its time in trials. Later during trials, it had been found that Modafinil not only raised cognitive function, but also showed the ability to improve memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. This has made the drug increasingly popular with students, and business professionals needing to stay focused. 

Modafinil can also be used as a replacement to intrusive amphetamine-based medications taken to help with ADHD, or bipolar disorders. This is great for a lot of patients taking these intrusive medications, as Modafinil is considered much safer, with a much smaller chance of bringing on undesired effects.

Why Modafinil is Safe?

There are many reasons why Modafinil can be considered as a safe option for patients, no matter their reason behind taking it. As stated previously, Modafinil is a much less intrusive option than other drugs that are more often prescribed for the treatment of various conditions. Modafinil is classed as a schedule IV medication, which means that it has a very low potential of leading to dependency, abuse, or addiction. The amphetamine-based medications that Modafinil can replace are schedule II drugs, meaning a high risk of dependence and abuse for patients.

Comparing modafinil side effects to side effects from drugs that it can replace will show that Modafinil really is well tolerated by these patients. One other reason to keep positive on the safety profiles of Modafinil is that it has been FDA approved since December 1998, and launched two months later. 

There is a short list of people who should avoid the use of Modafinil, as it could potentially lead to health concerns. For those who have problems with kidney or liver function, it is recommended to first speak with a doctor regarding the use of Modafinil. Those with heart conditions, or high blood pressure should also use extreme caution with Modafinil.

The Benefits of Modafinil

When taken by a patient in need of its effects, the benefits of Modafinil can be staggering, to say the least. When looking through user reviews on a well-known pharmaceutical review page, there are hundreds of people sharing their success stories for several different conditions. Several have shared that they were prescribed the medication for sleep apnoea, while also being depressed, and Modafinil helped rid their feelings of depression as well. Patients have found success in all different ways with the use of this medication. The medical benefits are truly incredible.

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