Mercury Retrograde 2024 Dates and How You Can Prepare


    Did Mercury retrograde ruin Christmas and New Year for you? Well, you’re not alone. It has been the most brutal retrograde of 2023 and hasn’t passed. No, we’re still not ready for ‘New Year, New Me’ and all that jazz because the post-shadow phase continues to lurk around amidst us browsing upcoming Mercury retrograde 2024 dates.

    If this astrological phase has brought a lot of trouble for you, I want you to prepare for the rest of the year.

    Let me first give you an intro on what this phase entails, followed by the dates to watch out for in 2024.

    What happens when Mercury is in retrograde?

    Mercury retrograde is an astrological phase where the planet seems to move backward, but it actually doesn’t!

    It slows down, creating an optical illusion, and moves in the same way for 2-3 weeks until it gets direct.

    Now, Mercury represents the quality of communication. It makes you hop, skip, and jump. It is an evergreen planet that represents morning and keeps everything vibrant in your life.

    The moment it goes into retrograde, the first problem you’d face is communication barriers.

    Misunderstandings become frequent. Fights become a regular part of the phase.

    It is also a time when you should refrain from starting something new, as there are more chances of failure.

    Keeping your communication devices like smartphones and laptops safe becomes imperative as chances of theft and damage become apparent.

    It is best to avoid traveling plans during this time as the chances of cancellation doubles. Damn! Those non-refundable flight tickets are not worth risking.

    What should you do during Mercury retrograde?

    Every year, we go through this astrological phase 3-4 times.

    So, first of all, don’t be scared.

    You’re reading this for awareness and self-control, so fear needs to take a backseat.

    Before moving onto Mercury retrograde 2024 dates, figure out ways to keep calm.

    Only then can you take up this time like a pro and be as unbothered as possible:

    • To maintain clear communication, add lemons and oranges to your diet, as Mercury represents citrus
    • Write down how you feel during this phase to refrain yourself from angry emotions
    • Do some digital detox to engage less on social media and give the gadgets some rest
    • Clean your wardrobe and declutter your home to not live in a chaotic environment

    Signs affected by Mercury Retrograde 2024

    The rising signs that will experience the blues of Mercury retrograde 2024 include Capricorn, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Since Gemini and Virgo have Mercury ruling over them, these two signs will also experience impact.

    If I have not mentioned your rising sign yet, it does not mean it will not get to you. Mercury retrogrades low-key impacts all signs to an extent, so none of us are totally spared.

    If you are born on a Mercury retrograde, you might not feel a big difference. The struggle to communicate and be heard walks with you, but you find ways to thrive through, right?

    Mercury retrograde 2024 dates

    • January 1, 2024
    • April 1 to 25, 2024
    • August 5 to 28, 2024
    • November 25 to December 15, 2024

    First Mercury Retrograde – January 1, 2024

    It is January 2, 2024, today, which means that the last Mercury retrograde of 2023 is officially over. But now comes the shadow phase.

    Shadow phases begin before and after an astrological alignment, where the impact increases or reduces gradually.

    Yes, the planet moves direct during these times, but there isn’t like a switch to make everything better overnight.

    Now is the time when you slowly want to revamp the things that became stagnant over the past three weeks.

    If your New Year resolutions fail, try to be in awareness and tell yourself to go on till January 21.

    If you survive the first 21 days of the year and maintain your goals as scheduled and planned, you are likely to be 2X ahead this year.

    After January 21, the shadow phase will be over, and you will be more active in making this the best year of your life.

    Mercury retrograde 2024 dates

    Second Mercury Retrograde – April 1 to 25, 2024

    The shadow phase starts on March 18, so you should prepare for the financial year-end more tactfully.

    Mercury makes you want to get things done fast, but think about it later. When something is going wrong, you go with the flow, and when you want to make amends, it is too late.

    Impulsive behavioral patterns and words you speak without thinking can do more harm than good.

    Being cautious, empathetic, and mindful of what you say are skills you’d have to put to use this time.

    If social media is part of your work, you’d want to be careful about things you put out. Misinterpretations and trolling can be unexpected disappointments if you’re not considering the sentiments your posts trigger.

    Being less self-centered and pushing others to grow along will go a long way.

    Calmness and kindness are key to striving through the end of the shadow phase (May 13).

    Third Mercury Retrograde – August 5 to 28, 2024

    This Mercury retrograde will be intense, and the only way to survive it is to go low-key. Ditch impulsive purchases, opt for healthier diet plans, and do things that destress you.

    The pre-shadow phase begins on July 16 in Leo. The core dates revolve around Leo but end in Virgo.

    Now, Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo, so you might not be at best with health and work schedules.

    Mistakes and criticism might come your way, and not taking it in good stride can worsen the situation.

    One thing that inevitably happens during this phase is a lack of punctuality. You might find yourself thrashing someone for missing a deadline and find yourself late the next day.

    The awareness here will help you realize that everyone is impacted during this phase, so being considerate will go a long way.

    Fourth Mercury Retrograde – November 25 to December 15, 2024

    Much like the last Mercury retrograde of 2023, this one will disrupt travel plans, delay court hearings, and make you feel spiritually blank.

    Students might not want to read, and social media goals might be a hit and a miss. But this is the best time for self-reflection.

    It is also time to note what you learned from experiences throughout the earlier Mercury retrograde dates.

    The pre-shadow phase starts on November 7, and the post-shadow phase ends on January 2, 2025. The core dates are November 25 to December 15, so your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations should sail smoothly.

    Put your wisdom to use as you’re 12 months older by the end and have survived through two massive reverse phases of Mercury.

    Final thoughts

    Is it practical to let planetary alignments disrupt regular life? No! The best wat to protected yourself if to make a routine and stick to it.

    If you lead a life of discipline and you don’t let emotions get in the way, you will be way past letting minor disruptions create massive impact on you.

    The only thing to do here is be mindful of the dates and go on doing what you do.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Is Mercury in retrograde right now?

    Mercury retrograde dates for 2024 are April 1 to 25 in Aries, August 5 to 28 in Leo and Virgo, and November 25 to December 15 in Sagittarius.

    2. When does Mercury retrograde end?

    Mercury retrograde ends when the planet moves directly. In 2024, Mercury retrograde will end on January 2, April 25, August 28, and December 15. The post-shadow phases will continue for one to two weeks.

    3. How does Mercury retrograde affect me?

    Mercury retrograde creates communication barriers where we are easily misunderstood. It requires us to put an extra effort to explain ourselves clearly and keep our communication devices in check. Plans can get canceled, we can feel more irritated, and lose focus.