True Love Is When He Ignores You – Is This Statement for Real?

    true love is when he ignores you

    The statement, true love is when he ignores you, is one of the most toxic I have heard. Let me explain why.

    Nobody is so busy that they ignore you all day.

    Your partner can be the prime minister of a country and still find time to check on you. At least have people do that for them, correct?

    Now, if you see your partner ignoring you, there must be reasons why things changed. Nothing happens overnight; even if it does, there are reasons to understand why they happen.

    True love is when he ignores you meaning

    Here are some reasons you might want to consider if you feel ignorance coming your way:

    When does your boyfriend ignore you

    The first step is to understand and acknowledge ignorance coming your way. Until you realize it, you can’t fix it.

    Your presence on this post already attests to the fact that you are feeling this way. But you must ensure that what you’re feeling right now is true.

    How he behaves when you call and ask him to meet him can answer this at length.

    He wants some alone time

    Men find it hard to articulate themselves at times, and honestly, nothing is wrong with that. They need to protect us from their insecurities and failures, and shutting off is the only escape route.

    He doesn’t want to deal with relationship issues

    Is your boyfriend ignoring you? It may be because he’s lazy! Yes, as dumb as it might sound, this can be true.

    When you’re in a relationship, you have issues to deal with. And if you don’t, the relationship won’t last. This is when the problems start.

    Your relationship is facing issues. And your boyfriend cannot deal with it. He wants to avoid solving it as the road seems tough and long.

    So, he’s ignoring you because he doesn’t want to deal with relationship issues. Then again, he doesn’t dare to tell you out loud. Hence, the silent treatment!

    true love is when he ignores you

    The relationship is progressing rapidly

    Every romantic relationship go through phases and have a timeline. You need to be on the same page, or you cannot maintain it.

    There could be problems when you and your boyfriend don’t think the same. Maybe you want to commit to a long-term relationship, and your boyfriend doesn’t want that. This can be a good reason behind him ignoring you.

    When your relationship progresses quicker than it should, it could freak your partner out. And he might not want to talk to you about it.

    In that case, you should be the one to break the ice.

    He has trouble at work

    Sometimes, your relationship isn’t even the cause. His work schedule may take a toll on him. There’s also a high chance of him having issues at the office.

    You don’t need to worry if that happens, but give him time. Let him get back to you when he can. However, if you find him partying late and some traits suggest otherwise, question him.

    He has his secrets

    One of the worst reasons could be hiding something from you. Maybe he has dark secrets which he doesn’t want anyone to know. You know that’s no good, right?

    If so, you must find out what’s going on. There may be work-related issues, or someone else is taking your place in his life.

    He doesn’t want this relationship anymore

    The worst-case scenario is that he doesn’t want this relationship anymore. No matter the reason, he’s not interested in you. This is why he is ignoring you all the way.

    In that case, he needs to have a clear conversation with you. Whether he wants to continue the relationship depends on your discussion.

    How to treat a man when he’s ignoring you

    We know it breaks your heart when your man is not talking to you. But surely, you won’t just let him be when he’s ignoring you. What should you do then?

    The answer is simple. You need to get his attention. Here’s how:

    Put some distance between you two

    First and foremost, you need to understand that he’s ignoring you for a reason. So, before you figure out the reason, let him be by himself.

    It would be best in case you let him spend some alone time. It will help him clear his head with no one to disturb him. Distance yourself for some time.

    He may be dealing with something meaningful and profound. Just support him from a distance, and wait for him to come around. Some types of job profiles require such commitment.

    Let yourself shine more

    As a woman, you need to look attractive in the eyes of a man! Even if you are not the one who always puts on some makeup, now’s the time.

    After all, your man isn’t immune to charms. And you need to play the cards right. You can dress up differently and come up with a new look. You already know what he likes, so there’s a significant advantage!

    Ask him to help you

    Do you need to get used to taking your man’s help whenever needed? Well, you need to remedy that immediately. But why?

    Now that he’s ignoring you, there are chances you don’t talk as often as before. So, it would help if you got him talking, or your relationship will take a backseat.

    Ask for his help even if you don’t need it. If you two are colleagues, you can involve him more in work. Leverage that and ask for his support.

    What if you two don’t work together? Then you can ask for his help at home just to get him to talk to you. His interest, or lack thereof, will give you answers to determine what is going on in his mind.

    Ask him directly

    Something that saves both your time and clears your mind is direct talk. Tell him you need to talk, ask him to come over, and speak like grownups. Yes, I know you’re an adult, but we don’t often behave like one in relationships.

    Don’t lose your cool

    Be calm and, if possible, a little indifferent. Meet him like you’re looking for closure because of how he’s been treating you lately, and let him open up.

    When a man starts distancing himself from a woman, they do so either because they are losing interest or cheating. Every other reason can be solved to save a relationship.

    Have a positive intent

    Keep hope regardless of what happens after you try to maintain the relationship. A positive intent is just what you need in a time of crisis.

    Are you getting some negative vibes from your partner? No problem; you’ll figure out what to do soon.

    Don’t lose patience

    Last but not least, have patience. If you do, you won’t be able to solve your relationship problems. So, be patient until your man stops ignoring you.

    Why do guys ignore the girl they like

    The only positive aspect of the statement “true love is when he ignores you”, is when a boy distances yourself not to feel pain.

    For example, if your best friend falls in love with you but doesn’t want to mess up your bond, he might keep his distance to channel his feelings elsewhere.

    Here are some ways this statement can be positive and not vice versa. So, true love is when he ignores you happens when:

    They are afraid

    Some guys are afraid to express their feelings. Even if you like a guy a lot, there’s a good chance that he doesn’t know that. You’re at fault here because you are the one who needs to tell him that.

    What happens when the guy doesn’t know you like him? He ignores you.

    Because he is afraid of rejection. This is why many of them want to avoid taking a chance. You’ll feel like he’s missing you, but he’s afraid!

    Their girl is not really theirs

    Another heartbreaking situation occurs when a boy falls for someone who is already taken! Now, think about him for a moment. What a horrible situation he might be going through.

    If this happens, the guy will probably start ignoring the girl altogether. Because he knows the girl is not his.

    There are feelings of envy and anger that we often cannot channel. Maybe your best friend cannot see you with another guy, and he chooses to stay away.

    Their feelings aren’t returned

    The guy is ignoring you simply because you haven’t returned his feelings. He confessed his love for you, and yet you said no. Should you expect anything from him after that?

    Getting rejected after a confession feels terrible! But what is worse is being in the friendzone. Many boys would not want to go through that and choose to refrain from being an option to you.

    They don’t want to commit

    Sometimes, guys must be fully prepared to commit to a long-term relationship. So, no matter how much they like you, they will not let you know.

    There are boys who admire you from a distance. The idea of committing to a girl may be scary for them. They think they aren’t good enough for anyone or don’t want to look into the future.

    Final thoughts

    If the statement true love is when he ignores you has a positive impact on you, I hope you can reciprocate to the boy or politely decline his proposal.

    If this is toxic, you may want to break from the cycle that is bringing you down and look at the brighter side of the world.