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When talking about jobs, what do we girls look for in a man? Most people would think we look for money and success and although some of us may do, we all know there’s a lot more.

There are some jobs that inexplicably turn us on. But how do they do that and why? Everybody may have their favourite jobs but there are some that offer elements of bravery, creativity and skill that impress most of the women from Germany to Lisbon apartments. I don’t know what you think about that but this is my list of the hottest jobs for men…

The Chef

I’m not sure what is the exact reason but I’m really into chefs. Maybe it’s because they’re artists in the kitchen and they are usually very passionate with their jobs (They work when everybody is out having a good time so they must be…). Chefs are innovative, they create new recipes and they have that special sensitivity with the taste, smell and colour of foods. I don’t know what exactly is but I find them so damn sexy. And the adage that says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” also works perfectly for women. Especially for me.

The Firefighter

Yes girls, I know most of you are melting just to here the name. What the hell happens with firefighters? It’s not just because the uniform, because I don’t specially like policemen and they also wear one, but firemen are one of my erotic ideal. Perhaps is the ingrained fairytale of being rescued, of being carried to safety by a big strong man what makes them look so appealing. Their bravery combines with their humanity, as they risk their lives to help the others, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about children, old women or a cat on a tree.

The Doctor

That would be my mum’s dreams son-in-law, as doctors are thought to be a “good catch”. They earn money and they have one of the most respected professions in the world, so what else can you ask for? Well, apart from being my mum’s ideal I must recognize doctors have a very sexy side. I think it’s because they seem to have the clue of our health problems, they look so intelligent while talking with those technical words, and what’s more important, they could save our lives and our children’s. We would always feel save with a doctor by our side. Yes, especially if you are a hypochondriac like me.

The Musician

Let’s recognize it, most of us can’t resist the allure of a musician. I don’t know if there’s something in their eyes when they sing or on their fingers when they play the strings of their guitar, but musicians have a great power over women. A regular guy could become so sexy once on the stage, getting wild with a rock song or romantic with a ballad. They are rebels and they are so romantic at the same time. But be aware, because you probably aren’t the only one in the room who has noticed that power. And take into account that musicians usually travel a lot and one day are staying in a hotel in Singapore and the other in one of the apartments in Lisbon. But well, who’s talking about a long-term relationship anyway…

The Schoolteacher

Yes, schoolteachers care for children and although I’m not a children’s fan, I find that so attractive. They are intelligent, educated, caring and sensitive, they know how to educate a child and they are so cute when they talk to them… Yes, I also don’t understand it but I like teachers, what can I say…?

You probably don’t agree with some of these jobs and you may be thinking why I forgot the sexy pilots but really, I haven’t met any pilot apart from Tom Cruise in Top Gun, so I couldn’t tell you…


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