New Positions To Try Out With Glamorous Escorts


When it comes to sex with escorts, there is a lot to experience and experiment with. However, if you’re mainly into vanilla sex, then it might be time to switch things up a bit. The newest sex positions could solve everything since they provide intense stimulation and lasting orgasms to both partners! In order to know more about these positions and their benefits, keep reading! 

Crab: A crab position is similar to the cowgirl since the escort will be on top of you. However, it is a little higher on the difficulty level since she’ll have to lay back and focus a bit more on her body weight rather than just her knees. Then, she can proceed to move up and down or back and forth during the penetration.

This position is perfect for people who are flexible and want some hot and steamy sex that’ll absolutely blow your minds off! 

Absolute 69: The infamous 69 is a position that’s best worked with when both of the parties are having some wild thoughts and are completely ready for it. However, an absolute 69 is kind of like an escort69; the other person lies on top, which can also include stimulation gadgets such as vibrators so you can give your tongue a rest. 

For the people who are always craving sex and want passionate moments with a gorgeous woman all on you, this position is highly recommended because it can truly create some wild memories.

Side to Side: If you’ve ever tried spooning with your partner, then you know it doesn’t require much energy. Well, side to side is simply a more erotic version of spooning where both people are facing each other and penetration commences while passionate kisses continue. This position can be done in a lot of places other than the bed too. 

It is essential for people who might feel a little lazy but still want that stimulating buzz of a lasting orgasm, which is surely guaranteed by this position!

Cowboy: You must have heard of cowgirl, right? Similarly, cowboy consists of you being on top instead of the escort. This actually provides a deeper penetration which could further cause an even more stimulating orgasm to the escort. This is a great position for those who want to increase their performance.

Furthermore, it is actually more enjoyable for the other person than the regular cowgirl which can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. 

Fusion: One of the most mutually pleasurable positions is fusion. This is similar to the crab position mentioned before but this time, you’re also up on your arms like the escort. This includes gazing into each other’s eyes while hitting each other’s most sensitive spots for ultimate orgasms. It is truly as divine as it sounds.

In addition, this position should only be tried if both partners are flexible and can handle longer periods of their arms supporting their weight.

Arch: If you’re particularly someone who is into deeper penetrations, then an arch position might be what you’re looking for! In this sultry pose, the escort will arch her back while her head would be on a pillow for comfort. Meanwhile, all you have to do is just keep penetrating deeply for that over-stimulating orgasm that is to die for! 

You can attempt this position more comfortably while the escort lies on the edge of the bed which is supposed to feel much better than the pillow method. 

Victory: Victory can be simply known as the jack of all trades since it fulfills every purpose of having erotic sex. It consists of the escort lying down while you’ll be holding both her legs and spreading them apart making a V shape during the penetration. This specific position is great for stimulating the pleasures of both people, hits the g spot amazingly and isn’t difficult either! 

Deeper and more intense penetration is a bonus with this one as it just creates that hot and heavy environment that is perfect for steamy erotic sex. Some people say this is even better than an escort69.

Prone Boning: If you always dream of being in control during sex while making the other person feel amazing, prone boning should be on your to-do list! This is because prone boning requires you to be on top of the escort with your backs facing up. Now, you can penetrate much more easily and control the escort’s legs and make them open wider with yours for deeper penetration. 

This is a trick that worked for many because it doesn’t require anything other than a bit of domination, which is usually part of the sex appeal. 

The positions mentioned above will surely take you and your ravishing girl to the seventh heaven next time you’re together. To try them out, hire an escort today at Ladys.One! They have the most beautiful girls available for you.