What Nightmares Are Made Of: Sexy Links for Your Weekend


Your tongue? Magnificent. The sway of your hips? Alluring. Your finger tips? You can give orgasms just by walking them across a table – or so you say. Want to prove it? Then compete in the Air Sex World Championships! [Air Sex World Championships]

A really fascinating read about how the International Olympic Committee controversially differentiates between male and female athletes. [The Atlantic]

Pop Quiz: Why are wildfires just as dangerous as having premarital sex? Wait, uh, what? [Mother Jones]

“I won’t arrest you for Marijuana possession – but you’ve got to sleep with me first!” said the idiot cop, before one of his victims came into the police station for something totally unrelated and spotted his corrupted ass. [MSNBC News]

Western Nevada College. Human sexuality class. Homework involves masturbating and keeping a sex journal. Student calls this sexual harassment. College disagrees. This is awesome. [abc NEWS]

The UK is refusing to extradite a known American rapist. Can somebody explain this one to me? [MSNBC News]

All about engaging in postpartum sex. [Live Science]

Conservatives hoping to prove that homosexuality is a choice now have the official Facebook same-sex marriage icon to choose from. [Mashable]

The etiquette of hooking up in a shared dorm. [The Star]

If you have any travel-oriented, sexy or relevant links to tide over our readers over the weekend, contact us!

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