Pack Your Pleasure: How To Use Sex Machines When You Travel


Hopefully, every time you travel, it is an adventure. Unforgettable moments, scenic views. And pleasure? If you’re on the heavier side, if you are disabled, if you are a sucker for hot and heavy pounding, you need to know where to buy a sex machine how to use it. Can you even use a sex machine when you travel? They are not inherently very travel-friendly toys. Or are they?

Can Sex Machines Be Travel-Friendly?

Sex machines are going through a renaissance right now. They are reclaiming their niche among mainstream toys for adults. Sex machines are environmentally friendly, progressive, sex-positive, and inclusive. From giant appliances that can only reside in a sex dungeon to smart and sexy little self-thrusting things, the assortment is big. And that’s the key.

You think that a sex machine is static, big, and works on its own. But a good modern sex machine:

  • Works on its own (self-thrusting or self-stroking or self-licking)
  • Requires minimum or no effort at all
  • Maintains a perfect rhythm
  • Surpasses any lover you’ve ever had

With that list in mind, let’s talk about packing classic sex machines and alternatives you have to bring your pleasure along. 

Is It Possible To Travel With Full-Size Sex Machines?

Full and big sex machines are tricky to pack. They’re heavy and bulky, although their powerful motors offer amazing things, such as forced orgasms or squirting. Thankfully, even the big ones have cute packages – there are suitcase sex machines that are a dream come true for traveling orgasm-mongers. You wouldn’t hide its contents from a customs officer, but it’s a compromise you can make. 

How To Pick The Perfect Sex Machine For Travel

When traveling with sex machines, convenience and discretion are key. Your travel option can be really small, hand-held, designed to be discreet, and easy to pack. Consider suction cups for a genuinely hands-free experience. Some even have caps that cover the shaft (or the sheath). My favorites for travel are hybrids – a rabbit vibrator or even a clit toy meets sex machine. Automatic tongues, automatic thrusters, etc.

How To Use A Sex Machine When You’re On A Trip

When traveling with sex machines, it’s essential to prioritize discretion to ensure a worry-free journey. How to determine if a sex machine is suited for travel? It has to be compact, lightweight, and easily concealable. But that’s for the commute – the plane, the train, or even the car. 

Stay discreet 

The fun part begins once you arrive at your destination. My first piece of advice is to not unpack your sex machine along with your clothes and other belongings. Do not hide it in the closet or under the bed – all these hiding places will be uncovered, making your hotel maid feel extremely uncomfortable. Leave it inside your suitcase – it’s discreet and tidy. 

Think ahead

If you like to pair your sex machine with other toys, suck as wearable vibrators, a vibrating bullet here or there, or a classic anal plug, pack them together to make it a bundle. Easy to keep, easy to hide when all is in one place. Also, do not forget to pack your toy cleaner and your sex lubricant. If your sex machine is rechargeable, you better charge it when still at home. If it’s not, ask the hotel staff for the adapters.

Keep it tidy

My golden rule is to put down a towel when playing with a sex machine in a hotel room. It feels more hygienic since the towels are changed regularly, plus I can be sure I leave everything clean after my fun time. 

So Do We Or Do We Not Travel With Sex Machines?

I vote we do. Whether you’re a plus-size, queer, single, or a person in a relationship – traveling with your sex toys (and namely a sex machine) is a necessity. Not if it’s a family trip, but in every other scenario, please pack your sex machine, however big or small. The choices are endless, from huge gadgets catering to specific scenes and fantasies to compact, travel-friendly companions providing discreet pleasure. Remember to prioritize discretion and convenience and pack your orgasms to go.