Pregnancy Massage – Why You Need It and How to Get It Done?

Pregnancy Massage

Trust us when we say massages were made in heaven. Anyone who has ever experienced a massage from a professional will understand the previous statement. There are no two ways about the fact that massages help you release your tension and worries. Anyone can go for them anytime. However, there is a new concept in the massage world, and that is called ‘Pregnancy Massage.’

What type of massage is pregnancy massage?

Coined and spread in recent times, it is believed that pregnancy massages are quite relaxing. Though there is no proof of the fact that these massages are harmful or beneficial in any specific way but the mothers who have experienced such massages feel relaxed and better after each session.

Amidst all the mood-swings, back pain, and a huge belly – pregnancy massage is no less than a savior for expecting mothers. Hence, if you are cautious about a couple of pointers, you can actually experience the pleasure of a massage during pregnancy.

Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

Yes, they are absolutely safe when performed by an expert therapist. It is good to start with regular sessions of pregnancy massages post three months because most of the miscarriages sadly happen in the first three months. Hence, it is safe to start post three months.

However, it is essential to note that if you have blood clots or anything of that sort in the first three months or anytime during your pregnancy, then avoid the massages at any cost. Also, if you plan to go for spas, then avoid saunas and heat wraps as they can be harmful for you and the baby.

Some pregnancy massage benefits are:

  1. Pregnancy Massages lower anxiety levels. There are so many tensions that an expecting mother takes. Such messages can be mentally quite relaxing.
  2. It helps in reducing back and leg pain. If you are presently pregnant, you know what we are talking about!
  3. It leads to a better sleep cycle for expecting mothers who are quote tired from week 13-14 onwards.
  4. It decreases the stress level in women.

Yes, we know you are very excited to know more about this magical massage, which can help you release all your stress and panic, but the following two cases should be kept in mind before going for a pregnancy massage.

Case 1

If you are in the first three months of your pregnancy, it is advisable for you to not go for such massages. The main reason behind such a piece of advice is that there are high chances of increase in blood flow/miscarriage in the first three months of your pregnancy.

Any massage professional would try and avoid giving you a massage without consulting a doctor or an expert. Hence, it is advisable for a woman to start the massage therapies post three months of their pregnancy.

Case 2

If you have any medical condition which might increase the blood flow or tension in your body, you surely must avoid pregnancy massages at all costs. Woman with a recent injury, organ transplant and high blood pressure are advised not to go for any massage or process which might affect their body or baby.

If the above two cases do not concern you, then you are all set to explore intricate details about pregnancy massage and its benefits.

First of all, it is imperative for you to choose the right massage parlor or office to get your pregnancy massage done. We have listed a few key checkpoints to help you understand what we mean by the ‘right’ massage parlor:

  1. Make sure that the massage parlor or office that you choose mails hygiene. This is one very important factor that you should not avoid at any cost. Also, if you want to take such services at the privacy of your home, then do maintain proper hygiene.
  2. Do look for a Prenatal massage certification when connecting with a massage office. Not every massage professional is proficient in giving pregnancy massages; hence, it is your duty to check if you are in the hands of an expert or not. To find certified practitioners, you can Google massage parlors in your area and ask about their certifications over a call. This will save you travel time. However, do not avoid looking for the certificate at any cost. There are 1000 DOs and DON’Ts when going for a pregnancy massage, and appointing a newbie can prove to be risky.
  3. Make sure that the parlor has proper massage equipment and uses appropriate techniques to serve you with a relaxing pregnancy massage. Make sure that the table where you have to take the massage is well suited for your needs. Look if there are cushions or cut-outs at the sides of the table to give you support. Talk to the professional about the oils and creams they are going to use. Do your research as well to make sure that they are using the right products on you. Make sure to inform your massage expert about your allergies (if any) beforehand to avoid any side-effects.

Always check these things before booking an appointment and pamper yourself well. Also, make sure that you are in the right hands.

Once you select a massage parlor, here are a couple of DOs and DON’Ts that you can follow while taking a pregnancy massage:

  1. You can go for more natural lubricants for a massage. Alternatives such as coconut/olive/ safflower oil are great!
  2. Avoid oils such as rosemary, oregano, peppermint, thyme as they can lead to urinary contractions. Make sure you read the ingredients of the creams that your massage professional uses on you.
  3. Avoid getting pressed on specific pressure points that make you uncomfortable.
  4. Avoid getting massaged over your belly. This might be harmful for you and the baby.
  5. Try and go for a side-lying position while getting your massage done. Avoid parlors with tables that have cut-outs for your belly. If you go for a cut-out table, your belly will hang, and this might lead to thatching of your uterine ligaments.
  6. Do not proceed with the massage therapy if you feel uncomfortable and dizzy. No massage can cause you pain or make you feel uncomfortable. Do not avoid the signs your body is trying to give.
  7. Do keep talking to your massage professional about the pressure that you feel at every pressure point. This will help them in analyzing your needs and work their hands accordingly.
  8. If you have the option of getting a Swedish pregnancy massage, then go for it! It is profoundly relaxing and soothing. It also helps in easing the pain in your joints and back.
  9. Ask your massage expert to massage you on shoulders, back, arms, and legs. This will help you in enjoying the massage session thoroughly.
  10. Do watch out for symptoms of clotting or internal pain. Make sure to catch anything which seems abnormal.
  11. Do not take the massage session if you have any open wounds or any recent injury. This might increase your blood flow, which can, in turn, open the wound.
  12. Go for shorter sessions of massages. Do not proceed in a session if you feel uncomfortable after 10-15 minutes.
  13. You should drink more water before and after your massage session. For a pregnant woman, it is very important to stay hydrated, and massages can be pretty dehydrating.
  14. Avoid deep penetration on some pressure areas: Acupressure points should not be pressed as they can cause contractions.
  15. Make sure that you use a body lotion/oil which suits your skin type. If you have very dry skin, then make sure to add more moisturizer or gel to anything that you use.

There are several other pointers on what to do and what not to do. However, make sure you do what is right for your body. Moving on, we enlist the pregnancy massage benefits for you:

Say no to foot pain with foot rub massage

Pregnancy makes a woman put on weight because of which most of them face pain in their toes and feet. Some gentle foot massage after the application of an oil or cream can feel great. However, pressing the pressure points between the anklebone and heel is not a good idea.


This is one of the most pleasing experiences for expecting mothers to receive a back rub with a cream or oil applied on. Focusing on the sides of the spine is a great option. Massaging from top to bottom feels excellent. You can also tell your massage expert to go slow when they are at your lower back for extended pleasure.


Do not a massage on your stomach. You might want to target your lower abdomen for a relaxing sensation. You can also use a special vitamin E oil for this area to avoid stretch marks afterward.

Head Massage

This may sound pretty old school, but nothing can beat your grandma’s head massage. Tell your massage expert to rub your scalp with oil and press in circulation rhythms on your forehead. You might want to forget all your worries at this time and go to being that little girl you were.

Leg Massage during pregnancy

It is very important for a woman to provide extra rest and strength for her legs. A sudden increase in weight over the period of nine months can be an additional burden on a woman’s legs. Hence, it is advised for her to use herbal oils on her legs along with gentle massages to keep the pressure low on her legs.

Reduces Stress

You, as an expecting mom has a lot to think about. Be it finances or child care; you have all that going inside your brain. To make sure you do not overstress about anything to the extent that it harms you, you should go for pregnancy massages.

Improves Sleep

There is no denial of the fact that as you get pregnant, you lose sleep over various issues, concerns, and problems. With pregnancy massages, you can let your body relax and forget about everything. Schedule an evening massage slot for comfortable night sleep.

Reduce Swelling

When you are pregnant, there are high chances of your hands and feet to be swelled up too! For this, massages can be of great relief.

Say no to Headaches

Oh, yes! You will have many of them. Sometimes you will have so much pain that it would feel like your head is going to blast but worry not! Head and scalp massages are a great way to control headaches.

Massages make your labor easy

Now, there is no medical proof for this one, but a lot of women who have taken multiple sessions of pregnancy massages claim to have found labor less painful and tedious.

Say No To Cramps

With pregnancy massages, the elasticity of the skin improves, which helps pregnant women with cramps and pain in joints.

No Upper-Body Pain

Massage during pregnancy can ease the pain and tension in the back, chest, and shoulders. This indirectly helps you at the time when you are breastfeeding.

Relief From Fluid Retention

Massage can ease the lymphatic pressure in your body hence reducing the chances of retaining fluids or nodes.

So now, once you have read everything in and out about pregnancy massages, you are in an excellent position to take the first call, and that is when, how, and where would you go for the massage session. However, it is essential to make sure to listen to your body. No article can suggest what is actually right and wrong for you. It is all a piece of information that you have to optimize according to your needs and requirements.

It is very important for a woman to understand that there is no harm in talking to the experts. Be it your doctor or your massage expert, be vocal about how your body is reacting to anything new. This way, you would stay healthier and better.


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