Rare Twin Flame Signs, Stages, and How to Identify


Rare twin flame signs are not a fantasy. You will be astonished to know that such inseparable relationships exist in real life. But what exactly are rare twin flame signs, and how do you find out if you share one yourself?

Regarding romantic relationships, we often talk about chemistry and understanding. But we seldom talk about relationships that have an instant connection. Let us discuss those rare twin flame signs to explore if you have someone who shares a similar bond.

Building a relationship these days is hard, and finding a soulmate is harder. But what if you already have a soulmate, you know about them, but you’re just unaware?

What is a twin flame relationship

Twin flames are two souls connected on a spiritual level. They share a deep and unique bond with each other. Specifically, it is ‘one soul in two bodies.’

It’s when you meet a man or a woman, and suddenly you realize this is the ‘one.’ You also think you two can express your thoughts without opening your mouth. Wonderful, right?

We’ll talk more about it as we go.

However, only some get the privilege of having a twin flame. Because this experience is not for everyone.

With that said, you need to be aware of the signs to identify such relationships.

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You feel it in your first ever meeting

When you and your partner are made for each other, you’ll know it immediately; such is the deep connection.

As you’ve seen in those hallmark movies, they meet someone and fall for them immediately. The spark and the intensity are enough to let you know you’ve met your match.

In the best possible scenario, you two are attracted to each other. Both of you understood each other during the first meeting.

More importantly, you’ll feel like you’ve known them all your life. But the irony is you two have just met. This is the power of rare twin flames.

You find your missing piece

This is just like you see in the movies. You’ve spent more or less twenty or thirty years of life. Still, every day, you feel like something is missing.

You need to know what you’re missing or how to find it. You just know that something is not in your possession.

The moment you meet your soulmate, you realize immediately. They are the missing pieces that you have been searching for all along. Now that you’ve found what you want, you’re more than happy to live.

You’re totally fine with each other

Do you know what happens in most relationships? Problems come when you’re not happy with each other. You always try to take hold of your partner’s life, and no good comes from it.

But when it comes to rare twin flames, the partners have no problem accepting each other. They’re just fine with how the other person is. They don’t want to change anything.

If you have met your match, you love how they talk, look, and behave. And they, too, like everything you do. You can find no flaws in each other because you’re just the same.

There’s harmony between you

You and your partner both have strengths and weaknesses. But that should cause no problem at all. Why?

Because you both have each other to balance things out. Your partner’s strength is enough to cover your weaknesses. And the same thing is true when it comes to him as well.

You two possess a rare personality. It molds and shapes your relationship in a way you never thought possible.

You grow together

Relationships are about growth. If your relationship with your partner has gone nowhere since the beginning, that’s unhealthy. But that’s not the case when it comes to twin flames.

You feel stronger with each passing day. You think you can do anything in the world.

And more importantly, partnering with your soulmate has made you more mature than ever. The same growth wouldn’t be possible if you two hadn’t met.

rare twin flame signs

You have the urge to be with them

Of course, it’s not possible for you to always be with them. And you know that very well. But still, you two long for each other.

You want their touch, and you want their scent. You like hearing their voice all day long. Practically, you crave your partner regardless of the time and place.

This is precisely the rare twin flame signs you should look forward to.

You always find a way back to each other

People often misunderstand the rare twin flame relationships. They think that these kinds of relationships are full of roses and plenty of sunshine. But the truth is these relationships can face problems, too.

The funny thing is no matter how deep the problem is, the soulmates always remain the same. They somehow find a way back to each other’s arms every time they separate. And that’s what makes their relationship unique.

Time flies away when you’re together

They say that time flies away when you’re having a good time. And what time could be better than spending it by your soulmate’s side?

This is another good sign that lets you identify rare twin flame signs. You just don’t care or don’t want to look at the watch. You know that they are entirely worth your time.

You’re specifically attracted to them

When it comes to rare twin flames, they’ll attract you like magnets. You always feel the need to find them, and surprisingly you do!

Ever since your first meeting, you bump into them no matter where you go. You feel like they have a tendency to find you in the most unexpected places.

You feel like you’re finally home

Home is where you feel safe and protected. That being said, your mind is your home, too. So you need to find the one who is always in your mind protecting you.

This is one of the most critical rare twin flame signs you should know. Whenever they’re around you, you feel complete. That’s because they really complete you and your soulmate.

Twin flames stages

You need to watch out for the rare twin flame signs. However, being one with your twin flame is a journey. And, of course, the journey is a long one.

In this section, you’ll learn about the twin flames stages one by one.

There are around 8 stages of twin flames including:

The yearning for finding your soulmate

Now, let’s start discussing the stages of twin flames with a bang. Nothing good comes without a little struggle. How could it be different when finding a soulmate?

First, you have to go through tough times. Lots and lots of failed relationships come your way. You find it hard to have faith that you’ll find the ‘one.’

Similarly, your twin flame will also feel the same. They’ll also go through turmoil, still hoping to meet their match.

However, you need to open your heart more to find your twin flame. Be prepared to meet new people and make friends first.

Picturing your true mate

And now comes the exciting part. You see your true mate. Somehow, you meet a person at a party and suddenly see them everywhere. This is another vital sign of twin flame.

It is also possible that the person was always around you. But you didn’t see them that way because the time wasn’t perfect. However, things have changed now, and you see them in a new light.

Be prepared for ‘deja vu’. Once you two meet, you’ll feel like you have known each other for years.

Falling hard for the ‘one’

Then, it’s time to make a connection for the ages. You don’t have to break a sweat to get to know them. That’s because you and them are similar in many ways.

Your interests and choices are also similar. So it’s time before you break the barrier and fall for each other. Finally, you feel like you are home.

Start of the relationship

This stage is also called the ‘honeymoon phase.’ You start your relationship, and everything goes just fine. You are happy that you’ve ever been in your life.

You two are supporting each other. Your twin flame is helping you to be a better human. In a way, you two are advancing towards building a happy life together.

At this stage, you have no conflicts in the relationship. There’s so much love and mutual respect between you. You agree with your twin flame every time there’s a conversation between you.

The detachment

Should we discuss the complex parts?

No relationship is without challenges, twin flame involved or not. Now that the honeymoon period is over get ready for some chaos. And this is just another step in your journey.

So, now it’s time for you to get apart, even if that’s for a brief time.

Until now, things were going without a hitch. But sometimes, it can get tedious because you share the same traits. Your partner may be scared to commit to a long-term relationship.

Your partner can detach from you. But you don’t need to worry about losing them. It’s just another stage that will pass.

The game of cat and mouse

Now that the two of you are apart, you start imagining things. You wonder what life would be like without your partner. You are about to do some role-playing, depending on precisely what you want.

If your partner is apart and you still want to continue, you’re the cat. You’ll chase your partner who isn’t willing to commit just yet. So you’re the one who has to do a bit of chasing to get your twin flame back.

In the end, you two will reunite. But before that, you’ll need to work for it. After all, good things do take time.

Moving on and the healing process begins

At this particular stage, you can’t take it anymore. You think it’s best to give up. You’re tired from chasing and running, so you pull away. You become sad for a few days. And then the healing process begins.

You start to love yourself and try to forget your partner altogether. You don’t feel the need to get in touch anymore. Also, you might think about finding a new partner.

That being said, deep inside, you’re still confused. You have doubts about whether you’ll move on for real or not.

The beginning of a life-changing relationship

And now it’s time for you to be reunited. After all the conflict and chaos, you two find a way back to each other. Once again, you’ve found your twin flame, and you no longer want to let them go.

So now you get more attentive and careful towards them. You work on your understanding and chemistry. You want to build a happy and fulfilling life together.

However, you both are now more cautious than ever. You want to take each step very carefully. You both know that you can’t afford yet another heartbreak.

In this final stage, you’ll advance towards a better future. A long-term relationship is definitely on the cards.

Final thoughts

Rare twin flame signs are only to be found sometimes and everywhere. The name itself is proof of that. Don’t be afraid to take the journey if you’ve found your twin flame.

Open your heart and get ready to embrace your true mate. And watch out for those rare twin flame signs guiding you to get there.