How to Hurt a Cheaters Feelings and What to Expect From It


    You’re looking for how to hurt a cheaters feelings because you want to give them a taste of what they did. It is a natural human behavior to teach the opposite person a lesson. But, at the back of your mind, you know you’re doing this to get them back and not get back at them. And that is okay!

    We often feel saving a relationship is better than breaking it off. We are comfortable with having one person for a long time and don’t want to change that. Also, we don’t want to start over again, from scratch, with someone else, or alone.

    But can they get away with what they did? No, they cannot. There is no solution for cheating. But you might want to teach them a lesson so they repent for their mistakes and mend their ways.

    How to hurt a cheaters feelings

    The guide on how to hurt a cheaters feelings can help you get things back to normal by making them taste their own medicine.

    Let us check out all that you can do to make things go back to normal:

    Tell them what they did

    Before doing anything, you must remind them what they did. But does that mean they don’t realize they cheated?

    Of course, they do. But they don’t know you’re aware of their actions. So first, you need to tell them you know about their alleged relationship.

    Only when they know you know will their behavior change. You can get a lot of cues from their changed behavior. If they are scared to lose you, you will have a chance to mend things.

    Show the world who they really are

    Now that you’ve encountered your culprit, it’s time to show the world their true face. You need proof, such as a picture, an email, or a simple text. Now, this is your weapon that you need to use wisely.

    Send the proof to your mutual friends and families. And if you want to take some daring steps, post it to your social media feeds.

    Remember that this point might mess up your relationship beyond repair. So, if you only intend to make them pay, this is the way.

    Stop talking to them entirely

    The most sophisticated way to make someone repent is to cut yourself off completely. It reflects many things, and they all talk louder than creating drama.

    When you retract yourself you:

    • give yourself time to heal
    • show them you don’t need them
    • make them regret what they did
    • make them feel that they have lost you completely

    This action speaks the loudest because here you don’t give them a chance to blame you. They only realize what a massive mistake they made by making you an option. This is, by far, the best way to hurt a cheaters feelings.

    how to hurt a cheaters feelings

    Meet new people and make it public

    One way to unwind when you get hurt is to divert your mind. Nothing is better than going out on casual dates and letting your circle know. The news will soon reach the person who cheated on you, and they will realize that they are losing you to better prospects. You might not be actively looking out, but there are reasons to make them feel how you feel.

    Ignore them like they aren’t even there

    Imagine running into your ex in a public space. What to do then? Well, you can hurt a cheaters feelings in public and watch them crumble.

    Ignore them like you didn’t even notice. This is an excellent way to hurt someone who cheated on you, showing them your indifference.

    Remember that people always want attention. When you neglect someone who meant so much to you, the person concerned in bound to repent.

    Humiliate them publicly

    While this might not be the right way to approach cheating, it can work for you. The case depends on one person to another; what they did to you will matter here. If you have a mutual friend’s group who should know what they did, expose them publicly. Your friends and well-wishers have the right to know what they did to choose the person they value.

    Don’t hold onto their stuff anymore

    Well, there’s a high possibility of having their things with you. Get rid of them as soon as you can. Send their stuff back to their place and show them you couldn’t care less.

    This will send a strong message to them. It means you’ve gotten over it and no longer want to have anything associated with them around you. Doing this is essential because it helps you move on from a heartbreak.

    When do cheaters realize they made a mistake

    Every cheater, at some point, realizes where they went wrong. It happens because they gradually feel a lack of something they used to cherish earlier. But, most times, there is no time to rectify the mistakes.

    On the contrary, if you are waiting for your partner to realize and ask for forgiveness, you will want to wait for the time when things change.

    Here are some ways to aggravate this emotion within the cheater:

    When their ex moves on

    Seeing others happy isn’t bad, until it is your ex. When you decide to be happy with another person, they can’t take it. The fact that you’re happy without them eats them up. When the cheater realizes that all that they had is slipping from their hands, they want to take things back in control. If they still don’t, it means they have genuinely lost interest.

    When their family and friends confront them

    What your ex did with you is morally wrong. And they know it too. This is why they don’t want the world to be aware of their misdeeds.

    So whenever their family and friends know about it, they get judged. Their impression immediately worsens, but they are the people who can give them a reality check.

    When they feel alone after breakup

    Loneliness gives us time to think what we did and what we should have done. It gives us time to rectify and come back stronger.

    This can happen just after you broke up after a long-term relationship. There’s a good chance that your ex won’t forget you and regret what they did to you.

    When their financial condition takes a wrong turn

    Money is not the reason for everything but it surely is a driving force. It makes people make good and bad decisions depending on their timing. So, it also has ability to make your ex regret things.

    When your ex had money, they had power too. But if associating with you brought him wealth, that is sure to not go down well. While this does not prove if they have feelings for you, it shows them your true importance in their life.

    When they feel nostalgic

    When you feel lonely, the thing you’ve been through starts popping up on your mind.  Especially if your relationship lasted for years, your ex is bound to have loads of memories. Most times, they realize they shouldn’t have hurt you like this. But it doesn’t confirm return or repentance.

    When they see the reality as it is

    After spending time with whom your ex cheated on you, they see their true face. Cheating is not liberating as it seems. It is a momentary thing that starts for the wrong reasons and never ends up well. No foundation can be built after breaking another person, even if you are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    When they self reflect on what they’ve done

    Just when the incident happens, they don’t have time to process it. When some time passes, they realize that they made a blunder. Time teaches all of us lessons that we need to learn.

    How to punish a cheating boyfriend emotionally

    When they world does nasty to you, there are things you take on your own hand. If you want to make your cheating boyfriend feel bad, there are things that you can do to metaphorically burn him up:

    Pamper yourself

    This is the most important action you should take after a heartbreak. It’s true that you’re feeling low. You might be thinking you’re not good enough.

    But the truth is you should take some off to pamper yourself. It will help a lot to get you back on track. It will also help you get over the trauma that he caused you.

    So, it’s time for you to take action without thinking of him. Do whatever you love. Go to a salon, an ice-cream parlor or a bar to party it out with friends.

    It will help you get over him. And of course your cheater boyfriend will get jealous noticing that you’re more than happy to be without him.

    Go out

    Go out with your male friends. Especially the one he hates the most. As women, most of us have that one friend who would do anything to be with us. You should not utilize someone else’s feelings, but you can always leverage that, if it causes no harm.

    In case you’re not ready for any serious commitments, then don’t. But going for a few harmless dates doesn’t mean you need to get serious in life again.

    Indulge yourself into work

    We know you’re tired after going through so much. But you don’t need to deal with it anymore. It’s time for you to get back to normal.

    Building a lucrative career is more important than a cheater, right? Once you have money, you have all the powers in the world.

    It will hurt him emotionally to see you flourish in the most amazing way. Your career is important to you now more than ever. Make your dreams come true, because only you can do that for yourself.

    How do cheaters feel after break up

    Here are a list of emotions that cheaters can feel after they know they got caught:


    Of course the cheater will feel relieved after a break up. Why? Because now there’s no need to hide things and remember the lies. No hidden messages, secret meetings or sneaking around. They know they have ended the toxic cycle as the cat is out of the bag.


    The cheater’s happiness don’t last for long. Once they realize what really happened, they feel their guilt. The guilt is pretty dangerous as it makes his mind go places.


    Once the cheater understands how cheating impacted everyone around, they’ll be ashamed. Especially when there’s friends and family involved.


    With time the cheater might go into depression as well. A lost relationship takes a toll especially when they caused it themselves.

    Final thoughts

    The ultimate solution on how to hurt a cheaters feelings is time. While on on end time heals everything for you, it is also the only tool that makes the cheater realize where they went wrong. If someone is meant to be with you, they will be no matter what. So, all you should do is give it time and let the Universe take it’s own course.