Robots: The Prostitutes of the Future?


A group of engineers says that the famous prostitutes of Amsterdam could be replaced by sex robots in just a few years.

You won’t be surprised if I say that technology is increasingly invading our lives, not only in daily activities such as working, cleaning, cooking, travelling, or communicating with people around the world but also in the sexual area. Cybersex, pornography sites or chats are something increasingly popular and, don’t be shy, something that most of us have used sometime. But when it looked like these was just fun and in fact, there was nothing like having real sex with somebody in your Barcelona apartments or visiting the Red Light District in Amsterdam, a group of engineers appear on the scene saying that in some years, even prostitutes will be replaced by robots… What?!

Yes, the researchers Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars from the University of Wellington in New Zealand have surprised everybody publishing a report which claims that by 2050, sex robots will become the main characters in sex scene. This technological revolution will be possible thanks to a new generation of androids made of bacteria-resistant fiber. Following what these engineers say, these androids will bring advantages to our lives, as they will provide safer sex, they will favour the disappearance of child prostitution, and they will reduce sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, and pay attention to this, they will help to avoid the feeling of guiltiness men usually have when cheating on their partners, since according to the engineers, “after having sex with a robot, they won’t probably look at it as an infidelity.” Actually I don’t know if they will even look at it as “sex”…

Anyway, if anyone is convinced and wants to give it a try to this experience you have to take into account that, at least at first, the services of a sex robot will only be possible in Amsterdam and in special clubs that operate under the “all inclusive” service featuring lap dances and intercourse from “a range of sexual gods and goddesses of different ethnicity, body shapes, ages, languages and sexual features.” However, this new service won’t be available for all budgets, as the cost will be around 7,500 €. But for that price the customer will be able to choose the nationality of the android and its morphological characteristics. A luxury.

Who may not be as happy with this new invention are the prostitutes of Amsterdam, which could see their jobs in serious danger. What will happen with the famous Red Light District? Its famous prostitutes will really be replaced by sex robots? Will men be attracted by a sexy female robot rather than by a woman? Will real women disappear? Really, that would be very sad…

Perhaps it is too early to know whether these androids will be successful or not and what will really happen to Red Light District in Amsterdam. Anyway I will continue to prefer sex with real people in the bed of my apartments in Barcelona. Although we all know that you can never say never and if I ever travel to Amsterdam and I have 7.500 spare Euros in my pocket maybe I will give it a try. Just to see how it feels, you know…



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