Winter Activity Holidays: Sexiest Winter Vacation Destinations

Winter Activity Holidays

Winter Activity Holidays

The arrival of winter traditionally means the warmth and family comfort of the holiday season. And if you love winter activities, then it also means a sport-laden winter vacation. At least, it’s a much livelier option than just sitting at home sipping eggnog. Therefore, if you are a skier, a snowboarder or you just love the winter, look for an exciting winter destination. But leave the family snuggling at home, and opt instead for a sizzling, sexy winter vacation to keep you warm. Let’s take a look at some of the sexiest winter vacation destinations that you may want to explore.

Aspen, Colorado

If you are seeking some of the sexiest winter vacation destinations, then Aspen is the best place to be. Enjoy the beauty of this dazzling town, which charms many people from all corners of the world. You can enjoy a ski vacation in Aspen by skiing on all four of its mountains in just one day: Snowmass Mountain, Aspen Mountain (Ajax), Buttermilk Mountain and Aspen Highlands.

You can maximize the cross-country snowshoe trails and skiing in the attractive Ashcroft Valley. Try your hand at paragliding, snowmobiling, sleigh-rides, snowboarding, dog sledging and ice skating. Ski resorts are situated in some of the best mountain spots in the globe and offer exciting winter activity holidays for vacationers.

Since Aspen is a popular year-round destination, it provides a perfect range of accommodation options, ranging from a bit economical vacation rentals to incredibly luxurious options. Either way, there’s nothing sexier than warming up after a day on the slopes with a little winter lovin’ back at the lodge.

Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean islands offer not only a variety of sexiest islands to choose from, but also a number of places to visit. From going on some exotic cruises to scuba diving to watching underwater volcanoes, there’s nothing you’ll want to miss during your winter vacation. So ditch the winter cold and blues, and head to the steamy Caribbean for some hot, sexy beach time.

Decide whether to visit the Eastern or Western Caribbean islands, and begin to plan well in advance. Grand Cayman Island, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Maarten and Virginia Islands are some of the must-see islands. Remember to check out Caribbean cruises along with other tourist attractions like rain forest hiking and submarine rides. The Caribbean is known for its loud, exciting cultures, and there’s plenty of sultriness that goes into them.

Mediterranean Islands

With over one hundred islands, the Mediterranean islands stand out as one of the sexiest winter destinations in the world. You will not only get a chance to visit many islands, but many countries as well. There are certain islands that are still not known by a number of people hence they do not attract huge crowds. So, if you want a quiet spot to get it on, this could just be the best spot for you.

From Italy to Turkey to Spain, the diversity associated with these islands can be found nowhere else. Majorca, Cyprus, Sicily, Malta, Euboea, Lesbos, Ibiza, Rhodes and Corfu are some of the most popular Mediterranean islands. The Kornati archipelago, located in northern Dalmatia, is considered the densest archipelago in the entire Mediterranean Sea with more than 140 islands.

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