Slip and Fall Accidents in Houston: Everything You Need to Know

Slip and Fall Accidents in Houston: Everything You Need to Know

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and represent one of the most common personal injury claims. 

Too often, victims undergo serious injury that results in broken bones, missed work, and even death. Slip and fall accidents are avoided when businesses, housing units, and other property owners simply remain safety compliant. 

If you have reason to believe your fall occurred due to the lack of upkeep or negligence of the property owner, you can contact a Houston slip and fall attorney to help you determine whether or not you’re owed damages. 

Common Sites of Slip and Fall

Common sites of slip and fall accidents that may incur owner liability include indoor and outdoor walkways that were not maintained or that lacked basic safety features. Outdoor accidents occur from uneven surfaces, cracking asphalt, or slippery surfaces on parking ramps, sidewalks, or pavement.

Indoor accidents may occur for a variety of reasons. The hallways or stairs could have inadequate lighting or lack handrails and other physical safety features. The property owner could fail to clean up a spill, or they may leave unsecured cords or obstructing objects that visitors trip over.  

Injuries and Possible Compensation

Slip and fall accidents often result in serious injury, including broken bones and traumatic head injuries, hip fracture, nerve damage, and back and spinal cord injury. Any of these diagnoses could result in substantial recovery time and medical expenses. 

A Houston slip and fall attorney can help you determine whether your case occurred as the result of negligence or wrongdoing. They may be able to help you recover damages from medical and rehabilitation bills, lost wages or earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

When to Hire a Houston Slip and Fall Attorney

The statute of limitations for a slip and fall incident in Texas is two years, so you will want to start your case as soon as possible. After your accident, the property owner’s insurance company may try to contact you. You should not accept this settlement until you’ve had your case reviewed by a Houston slip and fall attorney.  

A Houston slip and fall attorney can review your case and determine whether the property owner can be proven negligent and whether they knew about the defects that led to your fall. To do that, your attorney may need to start an investigation that includes subpoenaing safety and maintenance records and interviewing witnesses. Civil litigation will be expensive for the property owner, so they may try to offer several early settlements that will not take the full damages into account. An attorney can help you get the full value of your claim. 

Protect Yourself and Get Your Medical Needs Taken Care Of

After an earth shattering injury that keeps you from your daily life, it can be hard to think about starting a long and complicated process like a lawsuit. A Houston slip and fall attorney will be there to guide you and ensure that the process runs smoothly. You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing you did everything you could to receive the damages you deserve.