Thirty Flirty And Thriving | What Does It Mean? 

thirty flirty and thriving

Thirty flirty and thriving is a stage in your life at the age of 30 when you are trying to grow in your life without losing your wit. It is the stage when you don’t lose your humor or flirty attitude. In a nutshell, it means that you don’t let the burden of life put you down and snatch your confidence or courage from you. Thirty is that age where probably one struggles the most to get over the transgressions of the past towards a promising future. It is when people start entering true life, leaving behind many important things. In this post, we will try to understand the broader meaning of thirty flirty and thriving. Let’s start! 

1: Growth In Career

30 is a high time when most people make deliberate efforts for professional accomplishments. At the beginning of the career, people feel comfortable with any type of job role or payscale in the hope of a promising future. However, when you turn 30 and see your colleagues making big career achievements, buying cars and homes, you get a strong feeling that you need to work your fingers to the bone. Sometimes, you may not get the desired job, or you may lack job satisfaction. Finding your job may take you to your wit’s end. In this situation, you may find thirty flirty and thriving situations fading away.  

Career growth

2: Managing Personal Life

The age of 30 is a phase of transition in your life. You leave your college, and people expect you to become more serious and responsible towards life. Sometimes, this transition process can be painful for you. At this age, you become more sensitive towards life, and you may find it difficult to take the people’s comments that were easy to take earlier. Better, you isolate yourself from the people who are spreading toxicity in your life. However, you should preserve your humor and liveliness for those who are genuine to you and hold a special place in your life. 

Personal life

3: Learning New Skills

Learning new skills becomes imperative at this age to achieve growth in career or pay scale. At this time, you may experience that your growth has become stagnant, and even your greater efforts are not bestowing the desired outcomes. You may try to pursue an advanced professional course, diplomas, or something relevant to your job role. It can be helpful. However, you need to have a financial backup for the same. If not, you need to get back to your initial struggling days and live the same life in the hope of future upliftments. Yet, with the right future planning, you can remain thirty flirty and thriving. 

Learning new skills

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4: Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a good work-life balance is also very important. In the quest to excel in your career and earn money, don’t ignore other mainstream competencies, such as health, relationships, and various others. 

At this age, you may undergo some significant changes in your lifestyle. For instance, isolation from good friends, ignoring people who were once important for you, not taking proper diet or sleep, and a poor sedentary life can be some of the detrimental factors that can affect you to the core. Know that it is temporary and will pass with time. Be kind and passionate towards yourself, and don’t do anything that you want to reverse in your future. 

work life balance

5: Relationships

The relationship is also one of the most crucial realms of your life that can change your world upside down. A positive motivation coming from a relationship can make you achieve big things in life. Contrarily, a toxic relationship can make you experience hell on the earth, and you may suffer the loss of your creativity and humor. It is why it is very important to select the people in your life. It can make or break your success. If you feel devastated, share it with your family. Your blood relationships will never betray you and give you genuine advice. Sometimes, spending quality time with the family can heal your deepest wounds. Believe in the power of true relationships. 


7: Good Health

30 is a good time to focus on your health. It is the time when you may start experiencing the signs of aging. Saggy skin, wrinkles, dark circles are some of the most apparent signs that shout out loud that you should start taking care of your health and overall wellness. The absence of a balanced diet and poor sedentary lifestyle trigger these signs of aging and may evoke bodily ailments. The list may include weakening in bones, digestive issues, hampered cognitive abilities, and several others. When you take care of your health, it will take care of yourself for the rest of your life. 

Good Health

8: Social Life

At the age of 30, many people move to a new place to set a career or for a new job. You will have a different social life in the new place. It’s almost like rebuilding your social life. However, it does not mean that you have to leave your old relationship behind in the quest for new ones. At every age, you may need to define your social life based on the changing environment and your outlook towards life. People who are flexible and extroverted can adjust well with the new people at the new places. However, those who are not people start diminishing their social life and shrunk it to only a few people.

thirty flirty and thriving

9: Following Your Passion

To retain the state of thirty flirty and thriving, you should keep up with your hobbies and passion. It retains your livelihood and helps you maintain an optimistic outlook towards life. No matter how busy you are in your life, grab some time for your passion and don’t let it fade away with time. 


Final Words

This post describes some important realms of your life at the age of 30. This age is nothing less than a roller coaster life. However, wherever you go, or whatever you do, always respect your journey and be kind and compassionate towards yourself. If you can help remain thirty flirty and thriving.