WBT – a New Asset


The cryptocurrency market is not standing still. It is evolving and receiving more and more new projects – metaverses, marketplaces, NFT platforms, trading exchanges, etc. Crypto trading is a popular way to profit in the crypto scope. All due to the high volatility of this market since it is not controlled by the government and only relies on the market laws of supply and demand. 

There are hundreds of crypto exchanges in the market. Not all of them deserve trust – many are created with the goal of making money and not focusing on user experience, charging hidden fees and fooling their clients. However, in this article, we want to talk about one of the most reputable and trusted crypto exchanges – WhiteBIT and its native WhiteBIT token.

We recommend WhiteBIT because it operates legally and follows all the regulations in the crypto scope. All users are checked and verified. The platform keeps track of transactions; if any illegal activity is noticed, it is blocked and sent to a regulatory body for checking. So every user can feel safe working with WhiteBIT.

What Does This Exchange Offer?

Here are the tools available for registered clients:

  • spot;
  • p2p;
  • futures;
  • margin;
  • staking;
  • referral program;
  • codes; 
  • etc.

Besides, the exchange has recently issued its internal cryptocurrency – the WhiteBIT token. It will serve as a bridge between WhiteBT and other products in the ecosystem. New projects joining the WhiteBIT family can use the WBT token to deploy and expand their products. As of September 18, 2022, the WBT to USDT pair is traded at 5,69. WBT USDT was the first pair traded with the WBT token.

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So far, the token is available on the WhiteBIT exchange only. To buy it, you need to register an account and verify it. The platform allows attaching your bank cards to your account and depositing funds directly. 

When the token is listed on other large crypto exchanges, its price is likely to grow. The token pushes the boundaries of its holders by providing access to additional blockchain products, reducing trading fees, and increasing interest in the referral program. To learn more about WBT, go to the White Blog – the official informational resource of the WhiteBIT exchange.