What is a Michelin star and how do you get one?


Restaurants and the Hotels are the essences of any country, people invest a lot in these two to get the tourists and regular customers to visit their establishment again and again. According to some surveys conducted by the Global News Wire the Hotel and Restaurant Establishment Industry generated revenue of more than 211 Billion dollars last year and it is only going up.

What is a Michelin star?

As an owner of such fine establishment if you spend that much then you much expect some compensation in the form of revenues too. And one of the biggest factors that contribute to these revenues is the rating and reviews. If more people talk positively about your establishment then your established is expected to attract more and more people towards you. 

Such Rating can be achieved through Michelin star ratings. Michelin Star is an old form of Restaurants rating system founded in France that categories restaurants into three categories of a single star, 2 Star and 3 stars based on its quality of food, cuisine, and Diner.

How do you get a Michelin Star?

One of the fascinating things about the Michelin star is the company that conducts this procedure to determine who is going to a Michelin star to keep the procedure anonymous and discrete. They can visit the restaurant disguised as a tourist or just a foodie. To make matters even more interest the company doesn’t even reveal the conditions that should be met in order for a restaurant to be given the title of a Michelin star more details visit here.

According to the Michelin star’s own Website, usually, it takes 5 things to be a Michelin star restaurant.

  1. Using Quality Products
  2. Mastery of Flavor and Cooking Techniques
  3. The personality of the Chef in the Cuisine
  4. Value for Money
  5. Consistency of Food

Which countries have the most Michelin star Restaurants?

Alone having a Michelin star restaurant is a great honor on its own and occupying the top position in having the most number of Michelin star restaurants is a very high honor.so if we take a look at the list of countries with the most number of Michelin star restaurants we can see that some top-notch countries occupying the top positions.

  • France

 France has the most number of Michelin Star Restaurant, the exact number is 594 out of which 26 are 3 stars, 83 are 2 stars and 485 are 1-star restaurants.

  • Japan

Japan occupies the second position in the list with 422 restaurants. Japan has 25 3 stars, 99 2 stars and 298 single stars Michelin star Restaurant, a feat belongs to Tokyo that alone has 217 Restaurants the most in a single city.

  • Italy

The third spot on the list is secured by another European giant Italy. Italy has a total of 332 Michelin star restaurants in Italy out of 8 are 3 stars, 39 are 2 stars and 285 are single star Michelin star Restaurants. 

Then other countries like Germany, Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom follow the lead of having number of Michelin star Restaurant.


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