Miami: a city that has it all


This incredible town in the United States has many items that capture the attention of tourists during their stay there. This city is located in the state of Florida and is one of the most chosen destinations by people from all over the world who seek to enjoy the sun, sea fun, and good gastronomy.

The beaches of Miami stand out because their sand combines perfectly with the water, and the weather is always ideal for a long day while you enjoy your stay there.

In this city, you can visit different points of interest. South Beach and Ocean Drive are trendy places for tourists worldwide. Added to this are discos, bars, and clothing stores.

All these items make Miami a fabulous place, but there is more. You must take the famous Miami Food Tour if you travel to this place. On this excellent tour, you will be able to enjoy the different menus that are waiting for you.

The food in Miami

This city has many points in favor of its gastronomy being truly outstanding. Still, the main point is that there is a fascinating mixture of cultures in Miami.

We can find inhabitants from South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean in this place. All this added to the American inhabitants, generates a combination that is very positive for gastronomy.

There are many restaurants and food stalls that you can discover during your stay. It will be fabulous to be able to find the flavor of many recipes that have come from different parts of the world.

There is also the option of doing the Miami Food Tour. In this experience, you will enjoy getting to know different gastronomic places in the middle of a unique excursion.

The foods tours in Miami

The first option is to do the gastronomic tour of Little Havana. This tour will allow you to taste different dishes derived from the Caribbean. All this will happen while you listen to tropical music in the background in places set in the same style.

The tour will start with a fresh juice that you will try in the middle of your visit to the fruit market. Then it will be time to taste a Guyaba cake in a bakery.

Later you will be able to taste the famous roasted coffee of the Caribbean while you observe how the renowned Cuban cigars are made.

One of the last points of this tour will allow you to try the Cuban sandwich, and you will also eat a traditional Cuban dish.

At the end of this experience, it will be time to discover the secret menu. But there is still more because you can add a Mojito and liquor tasting to your excursion.

The second option will allow you to tour South Beach while tasting various delicacies.

This tour begins by trying the artisan pizzas by renowned chef Michael Schwartz.

Then it will be time to walk along Lincoln Road while you can try different foods that are originally from Argentina.

While you walk through the Time Out Market, you will have time to discover the taste of Japanese sweets.

Then it will be time to savor the tortilla chips called “Totopo.” Later you will try a Cuban dish, and this great experience will end after you eat at Emilio and Gloria Estefan’s bakery.

Undoubtedly, these two alternative food tours in Miami are really interesting. You can choose the option that seems best to you, or you can do both times. In both cases, you will spend more than 4 hours walking around the entire city while the taste of the food surprises you on different occasions.

So, remember it. If you will visit Miami, add these food tours to your itinerary because you will surely enjoy doing them.