Top Off-the-Beaten-Path Spots to Visit in the Philippines


The Philippines is a country bustling with adventure and excitement. So whether you’re looking for white sand beaches or just want to find something intriguing off the beaten path, there are several places you can visit that won’t cost a lot of money and will give you an experience that will stick with you forever.

Here’s a quick dive into ten must-see places in the Philippines we’ve uncovered and think you’ll likely fall in love with.

1. White Beach, Boracay

White Beach is the main beach on the island of Boracay, and it’s also one of the most famous beaches in the Philippines. White sand, crystal clear waters, and good weather make this beach a paradise for tourists from all over the world.

The best time to visit White Beach is from April to November. During this period, you can enjoy long stretches of white sand and calm waters without any waves or currents. Then, at nightfall, you can admire the magnificent view of Boracay’s sunset over the sea and its palm trees silhouetted against a backdrop of brilliant stars!

2. Chocolate Hills, Bohol

In Bohol province lies Chocolate Hills National Park, where you can see some of the most beautiful examples of Philippine natural architecture in all its glory! The Chocolate Hills are limestone formations found in Bohol province and have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2006 because of their geological significance and beauty.

They are among the oldest formations on earth and are considered sacred by many indigenous people of Bohol because they represent fertility and life itself. Visitors can explore these formations by hiking through them or taking a jeepney ride around them for about an hour or two.

3. El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is a hidden gem in the Philippines. Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, this island is home to diverse wildlife and pristine coral reefs. There are also many great diving spots around the island that offer incredible views of marine life.

The island of El Nido is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. The best part? You don’t need to be royalty or even a Filipino to visit.

If you’re looking to see some amazing marine life, El Nido has some of the best diving in the world. The coral reefs around El Nido are home to thousands of sea creatures, including coral reef fish and manta rays.

4. Banaue Rice Terraces

The Banaue Rice Terraces are located in Ifugao province, about an hour away from Baguio City. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features over 100 terraces built with clay, stone, and wood over hundreds of years by a community of indigenous people known as the Ibanag.

The rice terraces in Banaue are unlike any you have ever seen before. The terraces are open for visitors throughout the year and provide a spectacular view of Mount Banahaw and Lake Cessantanibong (which means “still water”).

5. Nuvali

Nuvali is a small town in Cavite province known for its beautiful beaches, natural white sand, and crystal clear waters. It is also famous for its seafood dishes, which are famous for their delicious sisig (a dish of chopped meat and vegetables cooked in vinegar).

It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time, it has plenty of things to do to make your stay worthwhile. In addition, the town is surrounded by lush green mountains and waterfalls that make it a popular tourist destination.

The Nuvali province has plenty of ATMs and banks, so you’ll never be stranded if you have to get some extra cash to extend your pleasurable stay in the Philippines or looking for an efficient option to send money back to your family home.

6. Mount Pinatubo

One of the country’s most famous tourist spots, Mount Pinatubo is home to an active volcano and offers a unique view of its surroundings. This location is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is located in Zambales province, about 100 kilometers from Manila.

The mountain is also home to several hiking trails that lead you up to its summit, where you can see one of Asia’s largest calderas (craters). The area around Mount Pinatubo is also known as “the place where dreams come true” because it’s home to numerous resorts and activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, and hiking.

7. Panglao Island

Panglao Island is another of our favorite islands, located off Bohol’s southeast coast. It’s known for its beaches and white sand beaches, with some of the best fishing in the country. There are also some impressive limestone cliffs that serve as diving spots.

It’s a popular diving destination that offers crystal clear waters teeming with marine life like sea turtles, clownfish, and stingrays. There are also several resorts on Panglao Island where you can stay for a couple of days or even longer if you want to enjoy all its beauty.

8. Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park

Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park is a natural wonder of the Philippines. This place is perfect for exploring the underwater world and the cave with its stunning formations, stalagmites, and stalactites.

It is located in the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The park also features more than 100 caves, many submerged and connected by underground rivers, making it a unique and beautiful place to explore. If you’re up for it, you can take a boat ride to visit this place, or you can just go there on foot or by jeep or tricycle.

9. Apo Reef Natural Park

Located only a couple of hours from Mindoro Island’s west coast, Apo Reef Natural Park is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The park features more than 800 species of fish and coral reefs, making it an ideal place to visit if you want to see nature at its best.

The reef waters are one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines and one of the best places to snorkel. The park also has several diving spots where you can explore underwater life without having to worry about getting too deep into the ocean.

10. Calaguas Islands

The Calaguas Islands are a group of about 22 small islets in the northern part of Mindanao, Philippines. They are one of the best diving spots in the world, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling and diving, and swimming with manta rays in season.

The main island is home to the Panglao Island Resort and Dive Resort, Palawan’s only 5-star resort. The best time to visit is from April to November; during this period, you can expect clear blue skies and warm temperatures. However, it’s not uncommon for the island to be hit by storms or typhoons during these months.

There Are More Places Than Just the Beaches To Visit in the Philippines

If you’re looking to brave it off the beaten path, head over to any of the places mentioned above, and don’t forget your camera! If you can imagine it, you can explore it. You might be surprised by how many unique places the Philippines offers.