What is Address Forwarding for Travelers?

Address Forwarding for Travelers
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There was a time when you used to find your mailbox filled with different colored envelopes. Going through all those mails was a tedious and boring task. Nonetheless, you had to do it despite all odds. Thankfully, those days have become history. In this era where mails mean emails or electronic mails, there is no need to go through stacks of mails upon your return from a long holiday. You can simply get the mails forwarded to your desired location or to your email address when you visit website. You have the privilege of going through these mails during your leisure time. This is the benefit of mail forwarding services, which has gained popularity in recent times.

USPS And Its Mail Forwarding Services

USPS or US Postal Service is one of the leading mail forwarding service providers in the United States of America. You can check your mails on a regular basis on their website simply by entering your personal information. There are 2 types of services provided by USPS. These are Premium Forwarding Service and Regular Forward Mail.

  • Premium Forwarding Service: This service lets you receive your mails to a forwarded address as a single package on Wednesdays every week. This service is available only for domestic US addresses and does not cover the PO boxes.
  • Regular Forward Mail: This service offered by the USPS allows them to send you mails to a forwarded address one at a time or piece by piece. You will also receive a $750 worth of coupons as a welcome package for relocation-related services. Just in case you intend on forwarding mails domestically, it is important for you to fill up the Change of Address online form. However, if you are moving or travelling abroad, you will have to request a Mover’s Guide and also fill out an international COA at a local post office.
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Advantages of US Global Mail

If you are a long-term traveler or an expat, the US Global Mail will make your life much simpler. This is especially when you conduct a business deal with companies that need a physical US address. This may include UPS, FedEx, and banks. If you normally live abroad and still need to open an account in a US bank online, you can definitely use the permanent US address that is provided to you by your US Global Mail.

When you talk about a US Global Mail account, it basically includes various types of benefits that can let you be there even when you are not there. This includes mail consolidation, personal shopper, forwarding, repacking, and a secure, virtual online mailbox. All of your packages and mails are scanned by US Global Mail to view them. If you request them, they can also scan the contents on your behalf and forward them to you so that you can check them on your email whenever you have the time. The cost needed for such services is quite small compared to the type of services that you get. This is especially true for those of you who travel a lot.