What To Wear on Your Honeymoon: 5 Outfit Ideas for Men

Wear on Your Honeymoon

With the stress of wedding planning behind you and your wedding vows happily exchanged, it’s time to kick back and relax. What better way to unwind and settle into your new role as a husband than by sipping Piña Coladas on the beach with your mate? Or maybe you’re more into museum tours and theater.

Wherever you go, you’ve got one last important task: to pack your bags with stylish and destination-appropriate outfits. Curating outfits before you pack is the best way to ensure you have all the right pieces for a well-dressed honeymoon.

Considerations To Keep in Mind

Undoubtedly, there are a few considerations to make before you start putting ensembles together. Deciding whether to pack dress shoes over men’s casual shoes, swim trunks over cargo pants, or dress pants over shorts comes down to the type of getaway you’re planning. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Where You’re Traveling: The most important consideration when packing for your honeymoon is your destination. You also need to consider the climate, how you plan to spend your time, and your vibe as a couple.
  • The Weather: Will it be sunny or rainy? Warm or cool? A simple internet search can tell you the type of weather conditions to expect. Spend a few minutes figuring this out so you’ll be dressed comfortably for the weather during your honeymoon.
  • Your Travel Vibe: By now, you know the type of travelers you and your partner are. Are you the type to lounge around by a pool or seek out extreme adventure? Do you prefer fancy, fine dining experiences or rustic, local cuisine? Discuss a rough itinerary with your spouse so you know the types of garments you’ll most likely need.

Outfit Idea 1: Shorts and a Nice Polo

If you travel to a tropical oasis, visit a stateside beach town, or cruise the vast ocean, you’ll need a few outfits like this. A pair of well-fitting men’s shorts paired with classic men’s polo shirts is a versatile outfit suitable for a variety of occasions.

Whether brunching on the beach, touring local attractions, spending the day shopping, or enjoying a fabulous lunch, this pairing is a great look. If you’re trying to minimize how much you pack, consider a pair or two of neutral shorts in colors like tan or gray. You can mix and match these shorts with polo shirts in white and navy or bright hues such as orange and pink.

Outfit Idea 2: Khakis, Linen Shirt, and Casual Shoes

Some honeymoon activities call for a bit more refinement in terms of clothing. Stylish outfits that transition well from a museum tour or other sightseeing activities to a nice dinner and a nightclub are necessary.

For men, khakis and linen shirts are a no-brainer. This look shifts well from daytime to evening, and linen is lightweight and comfortable. Best of all, linen is a material that’s meant to be worn a tad wrinkled, so it’s great for packing. Pair this look with comfortable casual footwear like tennis shoes or boat shoes, and you’ll look and feel great during walking tours or while dancing the night away.

Outfit Idea 3: Joggers and a Slim-fit T-shirt

Make sure to pack some casual wear for your honeymoon, too. Cozy joggers or lightweight shorts with a basic slim-fit T-shirt make a comfortable and good-looking ensemble. This is a versatile outfit to pack, ideal for travel days, exploring new sites, recreational activities, and even a light workout.

This is an especially good wardrobe choice for travel days, and it’s also perfect for strolling a local market, taking in historical sights, going on off-road excursions and jogging around a resort or island. To avoid over-packing, consider bringing one or two bottoms in neutral tones that will go unnoticed if worn a second or even third time.

Outfit Idea 4: Swimwear and a Tank

Packing for your honeymoon is not complete without swimwear. Whether you’ll be lounging poolside, snorkeling with sea life, swimming with dolphins, or quenching your thirst at the swim-up bar, be sure to pack plenty of swimwear.

Choose stylish swimwear like above-the-knee trunks. Gone are the days of oversized, uber-long, cargo-style bathing suits, and here are the days of showing a little leg. Trunks with a comfortable draw-string waist in fun solids, funky patterns, and classic prints are what’s in this year. Pair your swimwear with a solid T-shirt or tank to easily transition from the pool or beach to a bar, restaurant, or gift shop.

Outfit Idea 5: Pajama Sets and Slippers

Even if you plan to spend more time sans pajamas, having a few respectable pairs in tow is nice. Don’t even think about packing your worn-out, stained T-shirts and outdated basketball shorts for sleepwear. Your honeymoon calls for sexier pajamas than those.

A luxurious satin or silk pajama set with a button-down shirt and pants or shorts will make you feel as good as you look at bedtime. Pair your pajama sets with a posh robe, and you’ll be irresistibly outfitted for breakfast in bed. Add a matching pair of slippers, and you’ll feel like a million bucks as you enjoy your hotel room.

Get Away in Style

Whether embarking on a tropical cruise or flying to a resort destination, make sure your suitcase is packed with the right outfits for your honeymoon. Considering your destination, the weather, and your vibe will ensure you look and feel your best while celebrating the start of your life together.