Why Couples Should Choose a Destination Wedding in Italy

Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy is a long-standing favourite among foreigners when it comes to choosing a dreamy location for a destination wedding. It is no wonder when you consider all the country has to offer. It is rich in architectural and artistic history. Romance oozes from every cobbled street, countryside escape or beach side location. There are several practical benefits too, for example, there are no residency requirements to marry in Italy, making the process more straightforward. But these are just some of the reasons, keep reading to discover why a destination wedding, especially one set in Italy is exactly what you and your partner should plan.

Avoid family drama

There can be lots of family politics involved in planning a wedding to ensure both sides of the family feel included. Keeping the peace can be more difficult in some families than others. 

Planning a wedding in Italy will provide a neutral location, easily accessible from around the globe. Therefore, there is no need to choose one hometown over another, which may be interpreted as favouring one side of the family over the other.  

A destination wedding is also a great excuse to host a small intimate wedding with a guest limited to close family and friends. This can be helpful if tension exists between family members. Remember it is your special day and you need to plan the wedding you want; not what others want. 

Less expensive

When it comes to selecting a venue for your wedding in Italy, you will find that many venues offer package deals including food, wedding cake, wine, entertainment. This usually works out more cost effective than hiring suppliers separately. 

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Another factor which will help to reduce the bill, is the fact that some of your guests may not be in a position to travel. Therefore, your guest list will be reduced. 

Great variety of settings

You may be limited with the type of wedding venues available in your local area. You may wish for a relaxed beachy ceremony outdoors, but live far from the coast or in a cooler climate. However, Italy can provide a wide array of settings.  You can enjoy a beach wedding on the Mediterranean coast from May to October in some southern areas. It is possible to have a festive winter wedding close to the Alps or a glamourous ceremony in a historical city such as Venice. On the other hand, a relaxed celebration in the Tuscan countryside is also possible.  You can find a location to easily reflect you as a couple. 

Favourable climate

If you are sun seeking for your wedding day, then Italy is a great choice. Regions in the south of Italy, including Puglia or the island of Sicily enjoy a long summer season. Even during the shoulder season, you will enjoy blue skies and sunshine in spite of a cooler temperature. If you dream of an outdoor celebration and your guests dining al fresco then Italy is the place for you.

More time with your guests

One of the greatest benefits of a destination wedding is that it provides an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends. The wedding guest list will likely be smaller meaning you can easily mingle with everyone. Your guests are probably going to stay in the area for a few days, so you can plan activities together. In Italy you will create special memories to last a lifetime. 

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Honeymoon can begin immediately

After the excitement of the wedding day draws to an end, there is no need to feel blue. Rather your honeymoon awaits you. You are already in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a vast choice of holidaying options from island hopping around the Amalfi Coast, to cultural sight-seeing in Rome or Florence to adventure near the northern lakes.