9 Types of Men and Stereotypical Character Traits

9 Types of Men and Stereotypical Character Traits

Dating can be a thrilling experience if you stereotypically look into 9 types of men. Don’t kill me for such character analysis, as these differ from person to person. But, just like differentiating people based on Zodiac traits, there are some ways that help us distinguish one man to another.

They say women are complicated, and being a woman myself I am not sure if there could be a similar topic suggesting 9 types of women. But, interestingly, men are comparatively straightforward allowing me to help you make dating decisions.

Don’t let consecutive disappointments in relationships make you give up on men. While a player will leave you heartbroken, a romantic guy will sweep you off your feet. An emotionally unavailable guy, on the other hand, will make you feel unwanted and unloved. And I won’t even get started on the manipulative and abusive ones.

You must know which type of guy you are seeing to predict how your future will be. It will not only save you time but also make your life easy.

9 Types of Men

Pondering over which type of man is your ideal mate with whom you can build a beautiful relationship?

There are unique traits in men and each one has distinct characters as well as ways of living.

When you are aware of the nine types of men, it will assist you to embrace victory in the dating arena.

You will have a fun-filled relationship with a man whose interests and values match yours.

1. The Alpha Male

Two characteristics that define the Alpha Male are dominance and masculinity. Also known as the provider, this guy exudes strength, assertiveness, and confidence in every aspect of his life. He is an inborn leader and effortlessly becomes the center of everyone’s attention wherever he goes.

Pros of being with an Alpha Male

A lot of women can’t resist the Alpha Male because of his charm and charisma. His presence is magnetic and you will be drawn toward him.

Your future will be secure with an Alpha Male as he is ambitious, determined, and career-driven. He succeeds in a competitive environment and doesn’t fear challenges. He also has a strong sense of protectiveness and loyalty toward his loved ones, especially his beloved.

Should you pick an Alpha Male?

Of the nine types of men, the Alpha Male can be intimidating at times because of his boldness and confidence.

For women who are self-sufficient and fiercely independent, there can be clashes with the Alpha Male lover. But if you want a partner who will provide security and look after you, the Alpha Male is the one for you.

2. The Creative

If you are seeing a sappy songwriter or an aspiring artist or a moody painter – then your guy is categorized as the artistic guy.

He perceives the world differently from an ordinary person and can transform the mundane into something exquisite. As he is introspective, you can connect with him on a deeper level.

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What makes the artistic guy lovable?

A creative guy possesses empathy and sensitivity, making him an ardent lover. He will introduce magic to your boring life and instill a sense of excitement. And of all the 9 types of men, artistic guys are the ones with the craziest sex appeal. He will make love to you like you’ve never been touched before.

Cons of dating a creative person

As charming as you find an artist, you may struggle to deal with his daydreaming nature. He won’t have fixed work schedules and might neither have a stable source of income.

You should not be with this man if you have trust issues as he will always be interacting with passionate and creative souls. Sometimes their intellect may make them seek more than what you can offer!

3. The Funny Man

You must have come across guys who use their sense of humor to impress women. Most women end up friend-zoning the funny guy, but he can be a doting lover.

Known as the Joker (not in a derogatory way), he is hilarious and has the ability of making everyone laugh with his endless jokes. The fact that he wants to spread joy and positivity reveals that he has a positive outlook on life.

Perks of dating the funny man

He is one of the nine types of men who can paint a smile on your sunken face even if you’ve had a terrible day.

There won’t be a dull moment and his presence will cheer you up. As experts say, in the end, what remains is how much you laugh with your spouse.

Pro tip when involved with a funny guy

Irrespective of the type of man you are with, you shouldn’t get too attached unless you’re sure he is a keeper. Before you are too infatuated, observe his actions to know the man is genuine.

4. The Gentleman

Have you always dreamt of falling in love with a man who swoons you over with his old-school chivalry?

Then the type of man you seek is a gentleman who is the epitome of sophistication and class.

How to bewitch a Gentleman?

The Gentleman values good manners, integrity, and reverence. He is a perfect blend of modern and old-fashioned.

So, you must keep up with social norms and be polished if you want him to develop feelings for you. He will appreciate it if you have grace, culture, and kindness.

Can the Gentleman be a dream husband?

If you wish to spend your life with an attentive and charming man, you should not let go of the Gentleman. He will always treat you with respect, nurture the relationship, and be mindful of your boundaries.

9 Types of Men and Stereotypical Character Traits

5. The Casanova

Of the 9 types of men commonly found, next comes ‘the bad boy’ and every woman falls for this guy. He doesn’t play by any rules and his rebelliousness is what makes him sexy as hell.

He will set free your wild, untamed self, and dating him will be invigorating. So, is he the one you’ve been looking for? Well, maybe if you’re looking for a fling!

Things to remember about a player

If you are going out with a player, you must keep in mind that he is unreliable. He is rash and unpredictable and can be susceptible to anger problems, dangerous behavior, and drug abuse.

He fears commitment and might not believe in monogamy. When it comes to choosing a life partner, you need someone dependable.

6. The Intellectual or Geek

Among the 9 types of men, geeks are deep thinkers and logical-minded humans who have strong interests in technology, mathematics, and sciences.

They depend on analysis and rational thinking instead of emotions and are always keen on learning new things.

If your guy loves to debate over different topics and knows all about the latest gadgets – you are dating a geek.

How to woo a geek?

The nerdy guy is super quirky and awkwardly adorable. To unlock an intellectual person’s charm, you have to fulfill his craving for adventure and excitement.

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Have a charismatic approach without threatening his intellectuality to lure this man.

Can an intellectual man be a good partner?

If you are a fan of intellectualism, an intellectual man will be a perfect match for you. You two will grow in each other’s company, professionally and personally. But if you want someone emotionally driven, you should explore other options.

9 Types of Men and Stereotypical Character Traits

7. The Sensitive and Romantic

Of the 9 types of men, a romantic man values true love and wants to be in a committed relationship. He is a sweetheart who loves to watch happily-ever-after movies and read romance novels. He will dress up for you, send you flowers, and surprise you now and then.

How to please a romantic man?

If you want to seduce a romantic person, you have to rely on the art of seduction. He will appreciate whatever you do for him – be it cooking his favorite meal or wearing his chosen color. Sensual lovemaking is another way of securing your place in the heart of a sensitive guy.

Cons of dating a romantic man

Romantic guys are sensitive and they notice every little thing. They can be demanding as they’ll always be willing to spend time with you.

If you are busy or an unromantic person, you may end up disappointing your lover. You should also not get involved with a sweet, romantic man if you are looking for a casual relationship or a fling.

8. The Jock

Of the 9 types of men, the Jock is a unique kind. He is a simple, uncomplicated guy whose life revolves around sports, physical activities, and fitness.

These men love to maintain their body and naturally look appealing all the time. He is so strong that he will pick you up effortlessly and you’ll admire his energy and agility.

The downside of being with a Jock

There’s a fine line between dedication and obsession. If your boyfriend is a fitness freak, you may not be able to have stimulating conversations with him.

He can be erratic about strictly following his diet and workout schedule. Hence, if you don’t want to part ways, you will at least have to set priorities and boundaries.

Advantages of dating a Jock

A fitness enthusiast can be your soulmate if exercising is a significant part of your life. He will motivate you to stay active. You two can participate in trekking, hiking, and other challenging activities to have a great time.

9. The Cold or Emotionally Unavailable

Does your fiancé appear unapproachable? Then you are with the Cold One.

These types of men are not emotional and they don’t share much. It could be because of societal expectations, past traumas, and family environments.

Studies have revealed that most emotionally unavailable men have stern or separated parents.

Can you make things work with the Cold One?

Wondering how to make the Cold One become a smitten kitten and chase you? Breaking through his emotional barrier will be a lot of hard work.

You must be persistent, gentle, and patient. You also need to maintain a playful and chilled-out demeanor to entice him.

It is only in those happy moments or rare episodes of vulnerability when you can deepen your connection with him.

How not to do with the Cold One

If you keep complaining about his unavailability or aridity, it will only exasperate him. Pressuring him to share things or forcing a bond will make things worse and push him away.

On the contrary, you have to smartly use his passions and interests as a pathway to break down his walls. If you don’t want to invest so much of your time and energy to make a guy open up, steer clear of such a man.

Final thoughts

What is interesting from the above analysis is that these stereotypical traits can overlap with one another. What I mean is, a gentleman can also be emotionally unavailable, a romantic can also be geeky.

The fact that these are common traits that overlap and create unique individuals is what make men special. Many of them also change overtime when they are in steady relationships as a woman’s influence are transformatory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there different types of men?

There are various kinds of male personalities. While someone is shy, another one is an extrovert. While one person is a player, another man a keeper.

2. What are the 9 different types of guys?

The 9 types of men that you will meet in life are the Creative Man, the Provider, the Chivalrous Guy, the Passive Man, the Gamer, the Funny Man, the Nerd, the Romantic, and the Jock.

3. Which type of boy girl like most?

It is impossible to state any one type of man girls find attractive. That’s because the kind of guy a girl dates depends on her choice and interests. As per surveys, teenage girls fall for smart, cute, and funny guys who instantly give butterflies in their stomachs. Mature women choose confident, career-oriented, men from good upbringing and impressive manners.