A to Z of Global Sexual Phenomenon (1/2)


Average Penis Size

According to targetmap South Korea comes in last with an average of 3.8 inches. The world’s largest penises can be found in the Congo (7.1 inches), with Ecuador not far behind (6.9 inches).

Banana Sex Club

According to Australia’s ABC news network, police in Papua New Guinea are looking for a cult leader who convinced his followers they’d have a better banana crop if they had sex in public.

Cannibalistic Sushi

Cannibalistic Sushi is a restaurant in Japan where those who wish can order a fake edible human body stuffed with sushi. The creators behind the restaurant have gone to pains to make sure the human body you are devouring is as life like as possible. They’ve crafted the sushi inside to resemble human organs and use a red sauce to create the illusion of bleeding. The body comes complete with a set of papier mach genitals. More info..

Donkey Shows

Popular in Tijuana mexico, a donkey show is live performance of bestiality between a woman and a donkey who is coaxed into having sexual intercourse with her. We ran a post detailing all the gory details.


In Indian folklore, a blessing from a eunuch is a good omen for couples seeking fertility; the curse from a eunuch spells doom to your fertility and offspring. The hijra of India (many of whom are Eunchs) may number as many as 2,000,000. However, in modern times they have lost status as Western notions of gender and sexual identity have crept into Indian culture.

Furry Fandom

Members of the so-called “furry fandom” have a specific interest in anthropomorphic animals – that is to say fictional characters who look and/or behave like a blend between human and animal – think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In one survey, 33% of furries surveyed online answered that they had a “significant sexual interest in furry”. Jonny from Entourage explains all:

Guam Sex Squads

Urban myth has it that the law in Guam forbids women to marry before they’ve lost their virginity.  What happens as a result? The government allegedly employs a sex squad of young men whose job it is to roam the country ‘assisting’ young women in completing their pre-marital requirements, who supposedly pay them for the privilege.

Helicopter Blow Job

Is a sexual act rumoured to happen in the brothels of the far east whereby a woman will use ropes or ribbons to suspend herself from the ceiling and spin like a helicopter while performing oral sex on a man lying below.


Many will be surprised to learn that incest is legal in many countries including Brazil, Russia, France, India, Belgium and Japan. However, Sweden is the only country in Europe which allows marriage between siblings who share one parent.


Is the act of reverse spooning whereby the “little spoon” is larger than the “big spoon, thus giving off the image of a human jetpack.

Mark’s girlfriend is like 6’2. I caught them jet packing in the common room watching the food network last night.

– Urban Dictionary

Korean Love Motels

Love motels are short-stay hotels who’s primary function is to allow couples to have sex. Although they originated in Japan in the 1960s they are now extremely popular in South Korea and can be distinguished symbols such as hearts and the offer of a room rate for a “rest”.


The country with the highest libido may well be France where a Marie Claire survey found that 41 per cent of French people have participated in an orgy, 27 per cent have engaged in partner swapping. According to the Sun newspaper, it is also believed that the French give and receive the most fellatio (But who believes anything the Sun newspaper state as fact? – Editor)

Mile High Club

Is the hypothetical club which individuals become a member of after having engaged in  sexual intercourse on board an aircraft in flight. The BBC ran an article investigating whether sex on a plane was legal however came to no solid conclusions as it would depend on many  factors, such as whether or not the act occurred in sight of others.


Can you predict the global sexual phenomena for letters N to Z? Leave your predictions in the comments below and check back on Friday to find out.

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