Lack of Sex Can Cause Sudden Death Among Women


According to this research study by Tufts University in Massachusetts, regular sex is in the category of cardio exercises, which minimize the risk of having a mortal heart attack. Having little sex, considering “little sex” as an average of a sexual encounter a month, would increase the chances of a stroke or other sudden death, experts say. So we could say that sex is no longer a pleasurable act to become a matter of life or death.

Yes, lack of sex is a hazard that can affect anyone, wherever you are. Almost every one of us has had a drought period that has concerned us relatively, making us doubt about our seduction skills. But now the issue seems to become more troubling and thorny: you not only have to diet, go to the gym, quit smoking, etc. Now you also must have sex regularly. I guess that not in a long time your doctor will prescribe you sex twice a week.

But before spreading the panic all over the world I must say that not all of us have to be as worried. It seems that who has to worry less about this issue are the Portuguese and Mexican. According to another survey made among 13 000 men and women from 13 countries approximately 56% of Mexicans and Portuguese over the age of 33 have sex at least twice a week, which places them in the first position in the world. The world average is slightly lower, staying at 1.5 sexual encounters per week. As you see, if you are female and live in one of the Lisbon apartments you are less likely to die suddenly than if you live for example in Tokyo. Lucky girls the Portuguese and the Mexican!

So if you suffer from lack of sex and you’re worried about your health you have to find a solution as soon as possible. No more excuses. You can find the solution in your own city or you can rent one of the apartments in Lisbon where it seems that everything is easier. You can’t say I didn’t warn you… All of us imagined how important sex is but now we have confirmed that it’s more than important, it’s vital. Sex is good for health, and it’s clear that first comes first. So, if somebody asks you just say you are following your doctor’s instructions. Health is no longer a game!

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