Vacations with Tantra


On vacations, our bodies, our senses and our sexual desire are more awake than ever. What if we used this break to discover new paths to a more open sexuality? One option is Tantra and summer courses are an opportunity to take the plunge, alone or in couple.

Tantra, a philosophy that comes from India, is highly valued by lovers, but also by the singles which are concerned to boost their sexuality and their spirituality. Many promises surround this practice: longer love games, greater orgasms, access to multi-orgasm, etc. But for the Tantric, sexual union is only a small part of education. Tantra encourages us above all to find our true nature and what is more, search our masculine and feminine side.

In general, we reach the vacations period with our body tense, rigid and alien to any kind of sense because we have undergone so much stress and we have had a lifestyle that doesn’t always provide access to the sensory pleasure. So these periods are, in many cases, the ideal time to relax and do what you haven’t done during the year, also in the sexual area. On vacation periods a number of courses give us the chance to discover the true essence of Tantra. Though you don’t go on holydays and you stay as me in one of the apartments in Barcelona, you can take these days to improve your sexuality through Tantra.

Tantra considers sexuality as a form of meditation in which each partner learns to experience a deep feeling of unity with oneself and with the others. To reach this state it is essential to have a spiritual and physical preparation. The main objective is to become aware of the present moment, which requires a sensory exploration. Sexuality is only one way to achieve that status and sex, called Maithuna, doesn’t aim the orgasm but to increase the sexual energy, named kundalini.

All this may seem very complicated and even eccentric. Anyway, everyday Tantra is more popular and for the past years it has attracted the interest of all kind of people, from young to old, who are curious about this practice which promises to revolutionize your sex life. There are many books and information about it everywhere but I think it’s better to start with a course taught by some renowned specialist in the field. My friends and I have enrolled for the next in our city. For once in a lifetime we change our vacations abroad to stay in Barcelona apartments and learn something that will probably be very useful, not only in our next vacations but also for the rest of our lives. If we have good results it will all be worth it. We’ll let you know…

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