…But They Should Probably Still Use Condoms: Sexy Links for Your Weekend


STOP AGEISM NOW:  The Victorian age holds steadfast in the confines of rosemary-scented retirement bedrooms, where the elderly aren”t allowed to consensually pleasure one another. They”re not allowed to fuck, you see. [Medical News Today]

Self-reported same-sex coupledom is on the rise around the globe! [The Australian]

Yet another prominent same-sex marriage opponent flip-flips and joins the twenty-first century. [Fox News]

All about how modern men hate women. It”s by Cracked, so you should probably just read it. [Cracked]

Sex offenders in Louisana must now legally report on their social media profiles about their wrongdoings, their physical description, and home address. [CNN]

Some drill sergeants in Texas have been caught drilling their sultry, casino en ligne sexy female subordinates. In case that was too junior varsity league for your imagination, Major Woodward, one of the sexest [highest] ranking women in the Air Force, is investigating the incidents. Probably by sleeping with subordinates herself. [Reuters]

Sexual Liberation! According to MissTravel, up to 40% of all (British) women under 30 have one night stands on their travels! [Huffington Post]

Justice: Participants of the Rochdale sex abuse and human trafficking ring (I mean, old disgusting pieces of shit) have been arrested and sentenced. [Mail Online]

Very, very NSFW and very, very awesome: Indifferent cats in porn videos. [VICE]

If you have any travel-oriented, sexy or relevant links to tide over our readers over the weekend, contact us!

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