Cat vision – interesting facts

cat vision

Many people have a cat in their house. But few people know that the vision of these animals is a unique system that nature has made an exclusively functional tool. If you have golden british short hair or a representative of another breed that has large eyes and excellent vision, then in all cases you can talk about the wonders of nature. Of course, vision is a special mechanism. With its help, not only fluffy animal study and learn about the world around them. But for cats, this mechanism plays one of the first roles. They rely more on sight.

Anatomically, the visual system of cats has the same features as in most mammals. The cat’s eye consists of three shells, each of which performs a different function, and together they provide a unique ability to see. So, the protein shell is the visible bulge of the eye. It serves to protect the internal visual structures from mechanical damage. There is also a choroid. It forms not only the iris, but also the pupil. This shell is responsible for adjusting the intensity of the light flux. When the light is too bright, the cat’s pupil constricts. The third layer is the retina. It contains photoreceptors. Thanks to them, the cat’s eyes distinguish colors and shadows.

Features of cat vision

The main difference between the eyes of cats is the shape of the pupils. They can change shape. They narrow very much and practically turn into narrow slits when the light is brighter. Such a function is inherent in nature. At night, the pupil, on the contrary, expands to catch even the smallest light fluxes.

By the way, it should be noted that the cornea in cats occupies almost the entire visible part of the eye. If we compare this feature with the structural features of the human eye, then in the latter the cornea occupies no more than 50 percent. The eye of a furry creature is as convex as possible, which allows it to see in a radius of up to 270 degrees. Cats can see different objects perfectly, even those that are at a distance from them. However, scientists have found that a cute animal better distinguishes objects at a distance of 0.7 to 6 meters.

Cats have binocular vision. That is, they are able to see objects with 2 eyes at once. They are better at focusing their eyes. This feature effectively affects the observation process. The cat estimates the speed of movement of an object that it considers a prey, and will be able to determine the distance to such an object. In addition, fluffy pets have very sharp eyesight. According to this parameter, the excess is 7 times when compared with the human eye.

For a long time there was a belief that cats do not distinguish colors. But it has been proven that this is not the case. British shorthair pets and other cat breeds can distinguish many colors. However, those who are interested in offers for kittens for sale in Pitt Meadows or in another city in Canada need to know the following. But they are not able to perceive certain shades, for example, shades of red or orange. Cats see green, gray, blue color better. Therefore, it can be argued that pets see the world in bluish and grayish shades.