What Exactly Are Lawn Biostimulants? And Why They’re Necessary


Do you struggle to keep your lawn green and lush, especially in the summer? Ever passed by someone’s home and wondered how they keep their grass so thick and healthy?

Your landscaping is constantly exposed to all kinds of environmental stresses, from dry and hot weather to high salinity and all kinds of diseases. As a homeowner who just wants a beautiful lawn you can admire and enjoy, keeping up with all these issues can be too overwhelming.

Rather than try to control all these external factors, the best solution is to fortify your plants with what they need to survive and thrive amid these conditions. Here is where biostimulants come in handy.

What are Biostimulants?

A biostimulant is a product that contains substances or microorganisms which, when applied to plants, stimulate various natural processes that encourage growth and health. As weather conditions become drier, plants find it harder to survive and thrive. So, many shrivel or catch disease and die. 

However, biostimulants can be used as a tool to maintain a healthy lawn and landscaping season after season. Think of biostimulants as supplements for your plants.

When buying Mirimichi Green biostimulants, you can go for one of two primary forms, granules which you can broadcast as you would seeds or in a sprayable liquid.

Why Are Biostimulants Necessary?

Now, at this point, you know that biostimulants are essential for a healthy lawn. But how exactly do they benefit your lawn? Here’s what they can do for you:

Improve Plant Nutrient Efficiency

Biostimulants improve essential nutrients in plants by increasing availability and uptake. As you know, nutrients are vital for germination and growth. So, your grass and landscaping plants will grow and develop even when the conditions are challenging.

Toughens Plants Against Environmental Stresses  

Biostimulants also enhance germination and root development, strengthening the plant for the tough environment above ground. When used during the growing season, your plants will be more resistant to heat, disease, and other environmental stresses.

Improves Yield & Plant Quality

If you have always wanted a thick and even lawn with no dried-out patches, you need a biostimulant. Biostimulants increase plant yield and quality, therefore increasing uniformity and thickness. Your grass will not only be healthy beneath but will definitely enhance your curb appeal.

Reduces Fertilizer & Pesticide Dependency

Maintaining a great-looking lawn can sometimes feel like an endless cycle of replenishing the soil with nutrients while also wadding off disease. However, using biostimulants can actually reduce your dependency on fertilizers and pesticides. That’s because they increase nutrient availability and make plants more resistant to pests and diseases.

Achieve a Thick, Lush & Healthy Lawn with Mirimichi Green Biostimulants

A beautiful home begins with a well-kept lawn. However, like many other homeowners, you may have tried to keep your lawn as green and thick as possible. But as the season changes, patches appear as some of the grass dies. Mirimichi Green biostimulants may be the solution to your troubles as they ensure you have healthy plants able to withstand the toughest conditions.