Here are some tips to reduce latency for a better gaming experience


Imagine yourself playing Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode. You are 1v1 against your opponent after all your teammates have died. While using your 4x scope, you happen to locate him somewhere in the bushes. You start to take a picture, but as soon as you glance at it, something goes wrong. You realize that you are experiencing a lag when you cannot seem to move. After you have been spotted, your opponent has already shot you in the head before your lag gets better. This rage against death is unimaginable.

It is perfectly understandable for you to curse your Internet provider. You can, however, reduce lag and latency in your gaming by doing something instead of cursing. In order to reduce lag in gaming, we developed a comprehensive guide for you. 

First things first, you need to find a good internet service provider. Check which internet connection is available in your area. Make sure to check customer reviews before choosing one. For instance, Spectrum is known for its remarkable customer service. Not only are the prices affordable, but it also comes with unlimited data allowance, which solves most of your problems. You can click on this link to check the latest plans and packages.

Latency in Gaming

Latency is a major factor that influences our gaming experience. It is the time interval taken by the traffic from your system to reach its destination, which is the gaming server, and back again to your system. Most of the time, we think that the only thing required for gaming is raw bandwidth. Latency is the key element, especially when you are playing games that require a rapid and quick response from the server.

What Causes Latency?

Aside from our broadband connection, latencies are also affected by network hardware, the location of remote servers, and our router. Routes are used to transport data packets from a source to a destination. With a closer router, the delay is reduced.

  • Lag

A high latency causes lag, as we know, which is the delay in gaming that results. If you have latency or ping issues, there will be noticeable lag.

  • Ping

Simply put, Ping is the measure of latency that your network carries out on a regular basis. This is done by sending a ping message and measuring the connection speed between the system and the gaming server. Businesses and gaming servers that require a fast internet connection at all times use ping monitoring tools to manage their connection. A lower ping means better performance. A faster ping indicates a better connection. There is a common misconception that ping and latency are the same, but they are not. They are, however, directly proportional.

Tips to Reduce Latency in Gaming

  • Check the speed and bandwidth of your Internet connection

It is not necessary to have a super-fast internet connection with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps to play games, but at least 25-30 Mbps are required. The games will run much smoother when you are the only one in the house. In contrast, you may experience lag and latency while gaming if other people are streaming and downloading simultaneously. This problem can be solved easily. Become a member of a high-level package that provides more downloading speed and bandwidth for your household.

  • Signal strength check

Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi connection if you are using one. A reliable app can assist in determining the optimal location for your computer or a better Wi-Fi signal strength to avoid experiencing any slow speeds or lags during a game.

  • Connect by wire

Perhaps you have heard that using a wireless connection for online gaming is considered a cardinal sin. In order to play online games, you need a steady connection, and wireless connections are unstable. Ethernet cables offer fairly consistent speeds and connections, and connectivity problems are few. To eliminate disruptions caused by wireless dead spots in your home, you may want to use a hardwired connection. The gaming experience can be greatly improved by using a wired connection.

  • Install a new router

As old routers affect your speed, connection strength, and reliability, you may be surprised that they are the source of lag. It is possible to replace your old router with a gaming router, which is specifically designed for gaming.

With the newly designed routers, you can enjoy enhanced gaming capabilities. These routers have a faster speed, lower pings, and lower latency. An updated router is, therefore, necessary. Gaming routers that are specifically designed for gaming can provide the best gaming experience. They have excellent features that will improve your gaming experience. Through an adequate network and high bandwidth, they allow you to play high-quality, lag-free games.

  • Don’t connect to satellite

Those who live in remote areas can find satellite connections quite convenient, but they tend to cause problems when it comes to latency and ping. Satellite internet connections, in particular, are susceptible to weather conditions that can cause fluctuating latencies and impact the user’s experience. Using satellite connections for gaming is not recommended if you have other options to choose from. Connectivity is not just affected by the weather, though. It is vital that your dish receiver is installed at an optimal location and that it faces the correct angle if the satellite is the only available option.

  • Shut down all downloads and background websites

Ping rates and latency are significantly affected by bandwidth-intensive activities such as watching Netflix and Amazon Prime. You may experience slow performance if another person is streaming into your home at the same time. It is safer to play video games at bedtime when everyone is asleep.

Aside from that, all Wi-Fi-connected devices need to be disconnected. With more devices connected, bandwidth consumption increases.

  • Set up your own server and play

Having an international server means you might get a boost in your ego by beating others, but you might experience a lag in key moments of the game. Because of this, it is more advantageous to play on a server within your own country. The closer the server is to you, the better will be your ping rates.

  • Hardware deflagration

Your computer must run smoothly at all times. To ensure this, you must keep an eye on whether everything is working as it should, that your system is clean and free of any viruses. In addition, it must be updated. Consequently, gaming software will run better and smoother with fewer lags and slowdowns.

  • Tracking the progress

Periodically running latency tests is important. This will help you determine whether the system is performing well or not. By determining the problem beforehand, you can avoid ruining an exciting game session. Additionally, you will have a better understanding of the problem and be able to resolve it in a timely manner.

  • Disable all updates temporarily

Although automatic updates are helpful, they can be very annoying while fighting your favorite enemy. Therefore, it is recommended that you temporarily disable your automatic updates when gaming. Additionally, you can set a reminder to install the updates when you are done playing online games.

In addition, you might want to disable your firewall or set an exception for your favorite games. By skipping the game scan attempt, you can increase your computer’s speed.


A champion’s reputation should not be affected by latencies. By following these steps, you can prevent latency and improve your score. To experience a seamless online gaming session, you should definitely have the fastest internet connection. It is possible that the lag and latency issue is not entirely caused by internet speed if your internet provider is reliable and fast. Please check your router and modem setup and make sure they are configured correctly. You may want to get a router that can support gaming.