How To Attract Spanish Girls



Whether you choose to chill out beside the pool or hike along the scenic paths during Costa Brava breaks from Directline Holidays, there is a good chance that you’ll see some beautiful Spanish ladies. You could prepare for such a situation by practising your  all-time favourite chat up lines. Perhaps you’ll use the phrase, ‘Haces que me derrita como un helado’, which literally translates as ‘You make me melt like hot fudge on a sundae’. Alternatively you could try some of the proven pulling techniques outlined in this article.

Begin A Conversation

If you aren’t tempted to try a cheesy line to declare your romantic intentions, you could start off with some genuine chit-chat. The woman will probably respect you for making the effort to use a line such as, ‘mi castellano es muy malo’, which translates as ‘My Spanish is very bad’. You might even discover that they know a little English.

Strut Your Funky Stuff

Guys with a fair amount of confidence might like to have a go at romantic dances such as the Flamenco or Sevillinas. The ladies may be so impressed by your rhythmic gyrations that they join in with some flirtatious moves of their own. There will undoubtedly be the opportunity for some touching and kissing on the dance floor.

Show Your Manly Prowess

The feisty and sultry women of Spain have a taste for men who are able to display their courage and power. Perhaps that’s why the athletic and fearsome tennis player, Raphael Nadal, is so well loved. If you’re lacking the hand eye coordination required for top performance on the court then why not have a go at lifting stones in the traditional sport of Harri jasotzea?

Be Inspired By The Surroundings

If you’ve managed to lure one of the latino lovelies then the next step is to arrange a date. You might be able to organise a candlelit dinner for two at one of the popular Spanish restaurants. Alternatively you could take a romantic stroll under the stars in the beautiful Basque countryside. You may have to cool off by drinking a café con heilo at the end of a passionate evening of love!


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