Club TSL Interviews: Naughty Nomad, Part-Time Irish-Mexican Pirate, Full-Time Connoisseur of Flags


This is an interview with the notorious Naughty Nomad, the exotically handsome Irish Pirate who globetrots, seeks attention, and collect “flags” religiously. His site – popular for its thorough pick-up tips as well as its sentimentality – walks a fine line between adorable and alarming (ahem… “Caveman Surprise”). In-between writing his new book  and pillaging some towns for booty (see what I did there?), he took the time to answer my questions, and this is what he had to say.

Naughty Nomad, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. For those who aren’t familiar with you, tell our readers about yourself and what you do.

I’m an Irish guy, aged 25, who loves to travel. My goal is travel to every country in the world. So far, I’ve been to nearly 80 countries, including Antarctica and a few self-proclaimed republics.

I’m probably best known for travelling to warzones dressed as a Mexican pirate – don’t ask. We call them ‘Sieges’. It’s basically where we travel somewhere to party and pillage the local wenches, armed with sombreros,  eye patches, light-sabers. – you name it. We recently got back from the war in Syria. It was a blast!

I document all our misadventure on my popular blog, Naughty Nomad, where I also write city guides and articles on travel and dating.

My book is being released on August 1st. The stories in it will blow your freakin’ mind. Check it out!


First of all, your site banner displays, “I’m Banned in China.” Do I detect a certain amount of pride in this?

I guess so. People like what’s taboo. I don’t know why they banned the site, perhaps it was I was advising readers on where to score weed in Shanghai.  Now my readers have to use a proxy.

What other repercussions have you faced on account of your site?

Nada, truth be told. I’ve had some ex-lovers find it, but they haven’t gone nuts or anything. One of them even found it “sexy and lively.”

What’s the “flag” thing about?

To quote the lads over at Flaggin’ Headquarters, “Hook up with a foreigner, get their flag.”

It’s that simple. I’m sure your readers know about all about it – girls and guys.

So how many flags do you have?

50 or so – depending on your politics.

How would you address readers who would argue that  your “flagging” is shallow and/or misogynistic?

To be frank, I’d tell them to go f**k themselves. That’s ridiculous.

I travel a lot, so naturally I end up sleeping with women from other countries (and thus ‘flagging’ by default), I don’t see how that equates to hating women.

I know women who do it, too, so does that make it misandrist? Misogyny is a word that gets used way too much nowadays. If you’re not banging some self-righteous, overly-entitled, fat Western feminist, opting for more feminine  foreign hotties instead, you get labelled misogynistic. It’s a load of bollocks if you ask me.

If there’s something you’d like to say to your “flags” now, what would it be?

What does one say to an ex-lover. “Hey…em…what’s up? Did you get that checked out, yet?”

You’ve been in jail. Your name’s tattooed on one of your “flag’s” bottoms. You’ve turned down marriage – multiple times. What’s the average person supposed to think of you?

That’s nothing, you should read some of my other stories in the book. I don’t know what people are supposed to think me. I don’t really care, to be honest. I don’t take life too seriously.

One thing I appreciate is that your site isn’t exclusive to conquests and prisons. One post I found particularly wholesome – The Tale of Yoshiaki – talks about an inspiring traveller you met who’d walked from Shanghai to Bucharest. What do you hope to provoke in your readers with such a variety?

My dad always told me that travel was the best form of education.

I want to inspire people to explore their horizons, discover the world, and live alternative and more fulfilling lifestyles. I want young men to improve themselves and think about their cultural indoctrination and consider all the false-truths they’ve been spoon-fed since they were kids – take the red pill, so to speak. But above all else, I encourage my readers to rediscover this sense of fun and adventure.

To quote a Moorish proverb:

“He who does not travel, does not know the value of men.”

Being that you’re a limerick enthusiast, want to have a go at a TravelSexLife-themed one?

Ok, let me try…

This is called “The Limerick of TravelSexLife” –

When travelling to a new place,

We all tend to suit your own tastes,

Some see the sights,

or try gastric delights,

I just cum on some local girl’s face.

It’s a little uncouth, but you put me under pressure!

I see you`re teaching a workshop in Budapest this August. Want to plug it?

Yes, Siege 3.0!

Myself and author of Sex 3.0, JJ Roberts, have teamed up to make a killer weekend workshop to improve guy’s skills with women. JJ is the best guy with women I’ve ever met and the framework we’ve created is just incredible. I can’t wait to work with him on these guys. The program we’ve prepared is gold dust.

Essentially, I’m going to teaching students how to become experts in pillaging wenches using my secret pirate code. And JJ is working on paradigm, maintaining multiple relationships, and changing their whole world outlook. There’s nothing like this on the planet.

There are still places left!

Any last words you’d like to leave our readers with?

Yeah, please check out my book! Put August 1st in your diaries 😉

But seriously, I’ve put alot of work into and it’s a great read – packed full of crazy adventure stories from drug smuggling in African war zones, border jumping in Sudan, rescue in Antarctica, plenty of wild sex, and much much more!



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